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Mahmoud Ahmed w/Tezta band PDX: New Year's Day (Jan 1)

edited December 2010
Pretty excited about this. See you?


  • Please use more words in this thread, DrJ

    I used my google machine to tell me more. IT DID NOT.

    Fill in your obliqueness, I would see it as a personal favor.
  • I heard Mulatu was going to sit in, but maybe that was spurious information. Anyhoo, my informant tells me I'll be dancing until 4am...

    "Living Legend Mahmoud Ahmed is making a return Portland appearance on January 1, 2011. Tezeta band will be playing a short set to open up the evening. Tickets are $35.00 and can be purchased at Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant @ 3833 NE Martin Luther king Jr. Blvd. This is a rare opportunity to see one of the true masters in an intimate setting. Do not miss this!"

  • That's a whole different name now even!

  • So excited for this, already bought my tickets( you can get them at Mississippi Records + Exiled Records on Hawthorne in addition to Sengatera)....

    the posters say DRESS TO IMPRESS. Should be a really good time.
  • I noticed that on the posters.

    It psyched me out. I like to dress to impress sometimes, but really don't like being told to dress to impress. It causes me to miss events.

    How bout "We are impressed with genuine personalities! Be yourself!"
  • I thought they said Dress Like An Empress. (No problem.)
  • edited December 2010
    Get TING my ticks for this right now!

    Kinda hope UBS2011 gets over his sensitivities re:advertised wardrobe-suggestions. Would love to see him and kinda think the offending text was no big hang, a rhyme, not a crime....

    And anyhoo, I've never not been impressed by his garments-of-choice.
  • It was never going to prevent me from attending. That sorta language has prevented me from attending other types of events, but it wouldn't stop me from going to a concert.

    Not a big deal, but it has an impact on me, and my vibe coming into an event, and just thought that was interesting.

    Maybe it's good (for event throwers) that it keeps me out (i'm a grubby lil dude at heart. i will NEVER EVER be fancy at my core. i like fashion and sometimes can represent, but if you want someone proper or truly fancy i'm not your man. LOVE ME or LEAVE ME.)

  • edited December 2010
    Yonnas at the restaurant just gave me a bunch of flyers to take back to the Ethiopian joints in Seattle. I think they also have tickets at Mississippi Records.
  • I will never stop trying to make you fancy Steve. Never.

  • This event was pretty darned swell. Mahmoud was so suave and one heck of a dancer! Ed, did I see you? I feel like I might have but then not quite recognized you. (Sorry, I am quite weak in those muscles.)
  • We may well have passed like ships in the night! I was pretty tired + out of it, but it was a great show. So many men in suits! Such excellent people watching! Such killer grooves!
  • Yes, all those things! A really neat music situation. Thank you again Portland!
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