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No big deal but I'm about to teach my last class before spring break
No big deal
No big deal
Spring break forever


  • edited March 2016
    Spring break has just become the week where my bus runs much more smoothely and all the young international kids flood the PSU rec center basketball courts and school me. It's a fun, lesiurely, but injury prone time. I have been developing my old man basketball strategies all month in anticipation.
  • I have spent my entire break so far reading stuff by milton friedman, reading stuff about him, and reading stuff that doesn't know it's aping his weird awful ideas, including one about how the principles of competitive free market capitalism are fully supported by Christian moral philosophy, so, you know, all's well

    and it is rain/snowing

    not a beer bong in sight

  • I remember being young (high school senior?) and having to write a report about Friedman. I think because he won a Nobel Prize and we had to pick one of those people and I randomly chose him. Then I read his book and my young, impressionable mind felt like he made so much sense. Kind of like when young people get deep into Rand. Ideas are so dangerous.
  • We're going to Santa Fe to eat things with green chile sauce and commune with nature. Probably will be a Friedman-free zone.
  • I have three days of parent/teacher conferences and then I'll be in a pina colada spring break oasis!!

    I'm obviously talking about Baker City in Eastern Oregon.
  • I'm going to Oaxaca! April 3-10. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
  • Oaxaca: eat as many tamales de mole negro as you can get your hands on. Try the mercado rather than a restaurant.
  • This is my second time, and Sasha's fourth time! I don't eat meat, unfortunately, but I'll eat a bunch of ceviche and tlayudas ;)
  • And lots of grasshoppers cause that isn't really meat
  • Isn't ceviche full of seafood? Like shrimp?

    I am going to Turks and Caicos! My friend teaches anthropology at a tiny university there and I'm going to visit her for her spring break and become a certified scuba diver! Serious spring break vibes, and I hadn't even realized it until this thread.

  • Yeah, I eat seafood, just not land meat like chicken or dog or horse
  • What about that traitor to both land and sea, the hated frog and his delectable legs? Or a tasty toitle soup?
  • You guys are doing fun stuff!!! I'm jealous
    Also yeah, can you believe Friedman won a Nobel?! I just read a SCATHING letter to the editor of some economics journal from 1976 complaining about how "shameful" it is.

    - have hung out with cool 25 year old friends once
    - cleaned the house
    - wrote most of a Shitty First Draft of a book chapter
    - didn't do any of my other spring break work and am now panicking because I no longer have time to do it all (edit a guy's dissertation; edit my grad student's final thesis chapter; send my grad students a reading guide for monday; prep for seminar (learn 4 symphonies by monday! What was I thinking); and grade 25 creative projects in my undergrad class)
    - watched Titanic and Saving Private Ryan and The Red Violin; treacle factor in our house currently at dangerous levels
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