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I got my first dummy!

edited March 2016
First outside of my parent's house anyways.

He was a rescue at the humane society. Came from one of those homes with a zillion neglected animals. When he came in half his teeth were rotting out, had a broken tail, big wound on his leg, and an upper respiratory infection, but they fixed him all up and besides missing half his teeth and having a crooked tail is in good health. We checked him out cause of that big dumb face. We were a little worried he wasn't going to be friendly, but he quickly put those worries to rest. His name is Basil.

I'm so happy!


  • congrats! He looks like a real nice guy, so glad he found a home!
  • I like his chirp!
  • He is def a talker. He makes these little mogwai pur grunts too that are pretty great.
  • Awww, what a ding dong!
  • oh man, what a dumb face!
    and those troll sounds... too horrible.
  • there's nothing better than making a sad cat super, super happy
  • congratulations! what a dumb dummy!!
  • I love that he is kneading in all the videos! He hasn't been happier since kitten-hood!
  • can we see some more pls
  • edited March 2016
    Sure! My phone is losing all it's storage to cat videos so they might as well be enjoyed by someone haha.

  • edited March 2016
    He was so good at the vet the other day! Got right in his little carrier, and only meowed once when he was walked across Powell. Even was super mellow when the vet stuck a thermometer in his dumb little butt.
  • came for the chirps, stayed for the chirps, A+ chirping
  • The only thing better than a video of a cute pet is a video of someone talking to their pet!

    I love pet-talk chit-chat. "You would eat me?" I think I've asked the same of my kito when she shows me her wildness...

    The innocence of animals amazes me every day. Whatever it is we think of as "pure of heart," that's what they are; most of them, anyway. Cats and dogs go through so much hell at our hands, yet they will take a chance on us over and over again.

    It reminds me of the Catholic concept of capital-G Grace. Grace is supposed to address the fact that while the church teaches original sin, it also teaches that God made a way for us to be saved. I don't have any God-related attitudes about Grace but I definitely feel animals love us despite the fact that we don't deserve it.

    Congrats to all!
  • Yeah, they are very forgiving. That's why they are the best friends! I have put that cat through so many affectionate but mild tortures (i.e. Kitty Blanket Burritos and Super Cat Impressions) and it seems to make him even more affectionate.

    He has really gotten aggressive about our facial and head hygiene lately. It is real fucking cute and also real annoying, so in a way he is getting his revenge.

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