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ancestry research

Has anyone done much ancestry research? I'm just starting out, but it's proving pretty difficult. Tips? Tricks?


  • What site are you using?
  • mine were all Norse gods so it's pretty easy
  •, which seems to have a lot of bad info perpetuated on it. which has been helpful.

    I'm trying to find estranged living relatives, which seems harder than dead people.
  • Mormons seem good at this. Don't know if you want to go down that route, though.
  • They will baptize all your dead relatives for free.
  • The National Archives makes Census data public after 72 years. You can look at records from the 1940 Census here:
  • I had a day to kill in Salt Lake City and actually did some really interesting research at one of their genealogy library places. Was hard to dodge/ignore all of the hovering helpers who wanted to talk to me about my faith, but I managed.
    Worth it!
  • Owly, cool idea! I thought about maybe taking some trips to do research eventually. Curt - I have looked at the census data 1940 and before which has been helpful for older relatives, but I'm trying to specifically find marriage and birth records from the early 60s.

    I gotta get my hands on those Catholic records I think.
  • This thread inspired me to start a tree! I am using the site (it's a simple free tree template site)... I've got everyone loaded that I know of.. not sure how to go about finding higher than my great grandparents.. no one knows in my family and people that do have passed! Where do you go from here?
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    isn't it weird to think that somewhere back there, behind you, there are, like, Flemish peasants living in feudalism, scrabblin' around, killing chickens with their bare hands, having 13 kids, etc. Everyone of European descent who is currently alive today has ancestors who survived the Black Death, who lived through that shit! And then back behind them there are nomadic tribal people scampering around in furs. And then behind them are cavemen worshiping at Stonehenge and shit. All people, living and worrying about stuff and having treasured friendships and having days of joy and days of sorrow, coveting and bickering and doing unsung heroic deeds, having dreams and nightmares, murdering people maybe, maybe becoming a nun, having a dog. They're all back there! And you'll never know anything about hardly any of them, but they led to you. It's so crazy that we can all name our grandparents and maybe our great-grandparents and that's mostly it. Think of your ancestors taking some horrible boat ride to try to get to a better life for their descendants--that's you! And you don't even know them, and they don't know you, and probably wouldn't like you if they did. Imagine the seething generations upon generations of human beings that led to this one modern iteration. It is horrifying and cool

  • What if Hildegard boned Kierkegaard
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    whoa, mic dropped by mahan
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    I keep track of mine in a spreadsheet:

    It's only my direct ancestors.
    Ancestry research is an art apart from public records searches for living persons, which it sounds like you are doing.

    Use Spokeo to find all kinds of info on living people--addresses, marriage certificates, birth dates, relatives, divorce papers... it's not free, but you can probably find a coupon for a trial membership somewhere.
  • I'm just pleased I have a pretty good idea who my parents are
  • Whoa, look at your spreadsheet! Hm... yes, a totally different beast, but I thought one could aid the other. I started the ancestry research because I don't know the names of the people I'm looking for and I thought I'd go backwards to try to find someone who might.
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