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recording a phone call

Hi geeks, hackers, and technoblobs

I need to record a phone call (legally, above board! Other party would be aware), but I have the shittiest iPhone imaginable (I think it's a 4s or something, I have no idea). There's not enough storage on it for me to take a picture.

So, does anyone know the best way to record a phone call, using an iPhone? And then, is there some other less optimal way to do it if your iPhone is incredibly old and shitty?

Lets say I get a new phone, though. What's the best way? "Best" meaning "easy enough that the stupidest person in the world could do it," because that's what I need


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    You should be able to "answer" the call on your Mac through FaceTime and record it using Audio Hijack?
  • still looks like I'll need a new phone...but I need a new phone anyway, maybe now's the time

    is not this modern world amazing
  • Or you could set up a Google Voice number to cut the iPhone out of the equation. You'll still need something like Audio Hijack.

    Actually, I wonder if you could do the thing where you plug your iPhone into your computer, open QuickTime Player and do "New Movie Recording". This lets you record the screen of your iPhone, but I haven't tried it with phone calls.
  • Actually, Google Voice has built in recording functionality.

    Record a call

    1. Answer an incoming call to your Google Voice number.
    2. To start recording, press 4 at any time during the call. All participants will hear an announcement that the recording has begun.
    3. To stop recording, press 4 at any time during the call.
  • I record calls via Skype and Zoom. With zoom it is built in and lets all parties know. If it is for my own documentation I'll do a Quick time audio recording and it records my mic and the sound of the others. Not great quality, but good enough if you just need documentation.
  • the google voice thing, I can talk on the phone using just my computer? am I understanding that wrong?

    no phone involved at all???

    this is all really helpful

  • Yeah, it works through Google Hangouts. Go to and see if you need to set it up.
  • guys after all this, Gary just bought a thing you plug into a landline
  • Aw, Gary
  • Just found this today. If you're using an iPhone, you can record calls to your voicemail if you have three-way calling available. Then you can export your voicemail recordings to your computer.
  • You know what is so funny is after ALL this--the thread, and then Gary just buying a $50 thing you plug into a landline--I ended up forgetting the $50 thing at home on the day of the interview, and just recording the landline on speakerphone into a QuickTime recording using just my computer's microphone and IT WORKED GREAT
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