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Need web designer recs

Hi all - I am looking for a trustworthy freelance web designer for a short turnaround job (next 6 weeks). Any tips?


  • I go to her whenever I need a quick thing for art stuff. Awesome communicator and a great designer!
  • Just design or development as well?
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    Hm...could be just design as we have a developer, or it could be both. Must be design, though, as our graphic design team is too busy to take on that part right now.
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    This guy used to do freelance and is an excellent dude:
    He came to softball a couple of times.

    He doesn't have much stuff up for web but I do know he does it and is good at it. He used to freelance a lot but just had what was I think his 5th kid. So he might be busy.
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