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Mattress buying advice

I'm so confused!


  • You can save a lot of money by buying the factory reject type of thing. Usually big furniture stores will have a small section of weird sale mattresses, and then there are specialty stores that only deal in discounted mattresses.
    I've gotten some nice ones that way!
    They might do kind of a hard sell, but it's worth the hassle.
  • The Suprisingly Awesome podcast just did an episode on mattresses ( Their conclusion: Just find one that's comfortable for you. You don't gain anything by spending more money.

    We've been using an Ikea mattress and like it a lot.
  • Sasha and I got a couple mattresses for the cabin from Ikea and they're surprisingly comfortable and nice. I think they were $300 each?
  • Our current thing is an Ikea, but we're 5 years in and it's not what it used to be. I guess that's normal though because the lifespan is supposed to be like 7-10 years.

    There's all these internet mattress companies, some of which Consumer Reports rates highly, but it does make me nervous not to be able to try it out first! Even with a very generous return policy.
  • I have been curious about

    They make it easy to return.
  • Don't get a super soft mattress if you have a bad back
  • I keep getting targeted ads for the Casper mattress too. The reviews of it are pretty good.

  • You could just go to Mattress Ranch
  • What if I go to the Casper showroom when next I am in NYC? Is that weird?
  • Sounds very not weird.
  • Do you live in Portland? We like the Mattress Lot (or as Josh always calls it, The Mattress Bog). Nice people, local shop, local products, let you try stuff out, good return policy, discount if you arrive by bike, delivery by bike if you're close. We like a firm mattress and we got the firmest non-foam mattress. We're super happy with it.
  • kdawg is a fat cat bureaucrat in DC ;)
  • I also got my last mattress from Mattress Lot. No regrets!
  • We got ours at Mattress Lot too. It's been fine.
  • have you seen Veep? That is kdawg's life
  • If that's true, it probably means I'm Gary.
  • Also, delivering a mattress by bike is adorable.
  • you're not Gary!!!!!!! You're ANNA CHLUMSKY
  • I recently purchased a Casper mattress and enjoy it (after trying in the NYC showroom)
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