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where to host a website

I want reliable and super cheap.



  • What kind of web site/features do you need? Relatively basic HTML/CSS/Javascript, Wordpress, or somewhere in between?

  • I've been hosting with Dreamhost for years for basic sites, and their customer support is good. Don't know if $8 a month if cheap enough. I'd also just give you a domain/user on my account for free because they have unlimited hosting. Let me know!
  • I've had good experiences with Dreamhost as well. 1&1 has also been good to me.
  • Oh wow, Alex, that would be awesome! I just want a placeholder page for [myfullname].com, which GoDaddy suspended because they wanted me to start paying for hosting (after years of it coming with the domain name purchase). Just thought I would look around for alternatives. Would love a free set up!

    I'll look into dreamhost and 1&1 too. Thanks!
  • I'm about to setup a few static sites (, my wife's sole prop business, etc.) as Amazon S3 buckets if you'd like to provide me a zipped webroot I will try to add yours too. BYOD tho.
  • ^^^^ Did Sarah McDoogan write that post??
  • "zipped webroot"
  • ha ha ha ha good call
  • Make sure your RAM is async though or network packets could cascade through HTTP.
  • I’ve had awful experiences with 1&1 in the past
  • I have heard that from another person as well. I don't know. I guess I have just lucked out. They have been great to me.
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