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Need help re: web developer hire

People! Our web developer just quit, and I'm taking charge of the hiring & supervision of his replacement. I know there's a lot I don't know, and I want to do a good job on this process and hire the right person. Since I know a lot of you are big ol' web nerds, I wonder if you can help me with any of these tasks:

- Reviewing my job description and giving me feedback on whether the skills we describe will get us what we need, reflect trends in the industry, and are using the right terms that people in web design will recognize
- Give me some idea of the going salary range in Portland (+ Seattle, LA, and/or Durham if you happen to know) for that job (once I get the description done)
- Recommend a good interim contractor to handle the work until we get the new person hired (probably 2-3 months, not full-time)
- Help me get the word out once the job post is live (next week, if I can manage it)

Let me know if you're game, and how I can reach you, and I will be most sincerely grateful.


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