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    Lots of kennels require vaccinations, so I don't think we can file this under Portlandia.

    Now, if the kennel advertised its fluoride-free water and outdoor play area with anti-chemtrail, anti-wifi tent covering...
  • Yes I must say I have boarded my pup at kennels in Iowa, portland, and New England (2 New England locations) & all require vaccinations. It's the same reason children have to be vaccinated to go to public school or whatever
  • Ha ha ha ha, good joke YT! You can just claim a "nonmedical vaccine exemption" and they'll let your unvaccinated kid into any public school!
  • WHAT

    LOLOL the dog vaccine thing seems so infinitely correct & reasonable to me that I assumed it must be the same for kids. I didn't realize! I thought this was what all the anti-vax legal stuff was about---them fighting the law saying they have to vaccinate!! If they already don't have to vaccinate what are they so mad about??

    I'm very ignorant

    I will go on record & say I think it is appropriate and good that I must vaccinate my dog in order to leave him in the company of many other dogs
  • My point was that "why does my dog need vaccinations" is their #2 most asked question which is redic, until you realize that SE Portland elementary schools RARELY have vac rates that result in herd immunity due to the non-medical exceptions that Freddy mentioned.

    I love the idea of the purpose of vacs FINALLY sinking in for some helicopter parent who previously refused them for their kids after some patient explaining from their doggie daycare.
  • Omg hahahaha

    Great call
  • I apologize for so misjudging what your post was actually about!! I shoulda knew better

  • So then in the Portlandia skit of this, they would try to pass the dog off as a child and enroll it in school, since the standards are looser.
  • Our cat is unvaccinated and he's autistic anyway (he's solely an indoor cat so he doesn't have to worry about raccoon AIDS or whatever), scientific proof that vaccines don't cause autism.
  • Actually that's not true, he's had vaccines in the past.
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    OK FaceTweetPlus, you gotta do a little editorializing next time!!

    Just to throw some nameless, vague terror out there......
    I know someone who lost their doggie this year because of a reaction to a vaccine. She actually did some work with a lawyer to ascertain that certain breeds are vulnerable to something or other (hers was a terrier mix)....... Ultimately she formally asked the vet to offer warnings and disclaimers so that people can make informed decisions.

    Sorry I do not have details, and I know it sounds like other anti-vaccine stories. No doubt, though, medicine quality control is different for animals vs. humans. Just be aware and ask your vet if they can help rule out autoimmune issues and allergies before each vaccination.
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    Portlandia sketch:

    Are you protecting your child from vaccinations? We understand--that's why every dog in our kennel receives a full suite of vaccines for human illnesses. For only $30/day, you can expose your child to our dogs' antibodies in the NATURAL way. "Herd immunity?" We call it "Pack Immunity!"
  • Yes my very dry sense of humor doesn't translate so well on the intertubes.

    A co-worker recently nearly lost their medium/large dog due to a reaction to pest control. I think this might be what you are talking about, not vaccines?

    The new pest control works by disrupting the nervous system of the bugs, and rarely this can extend to the pet. Even if they aren't injured/killed they can suffer a huge change in personality... a stand-offish dog becomes a lap dog or a brave dog suddenly is scared of car-rides, etc.
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    I think this might be what you are talking about, not vaccines?
    It was leptospirosis vaccine
  • Oh thanks! Good to know I thought only pest control could have that effect.
  • image
    This is Baxter Kitty. He is a neighborhood stray that likes to stay on our porch. He definitely has a few people caring for him and has been fixed. Don't know if he's been vaccinated or not.
  • My cat is a real cute asshole at about 5am every morning not matter what. @-)
    Is there a vaccine for that?
  • squirt gun
  • ^ or spray bottle
  • ours does naughty things at the other end of a long hallway (scratching at the basement door), so the reach of a water gun is really helpful
  • My sweet snoop never does anything wrong because he is a precious angel

    The other night his horrible elbow callus bled all over the floor but that was not his fault

  • I'm at the beach and I miss my cat terribly. Like I want to go home a day early.
  • I sprayed him once and he looked at me like I had murdered his family and then ran off and hid in the guest room for a few hours. He is a very sensitive boy.
  • edited August 2016
    Guys... I got really obsessed with the idea of baby anger the other night. I was thinking of how my cat will bite me if I am petting her and she sees my attention drift. I found mamas of babies (4+ mos) saying that their baby does that to them while at the breast!

    Cats are like babies

    Signed, a real-life spinster
  • My cat David's morning foolery was stopped when I bought a food robot. It is programmed to reveal food to her 5 times a day, beginning at 5:30 AM. My goal was to teach her "Mommy doesn't feed you; your robot bowl feeds you" and it worked. Now, if she bugs me in the morning, it's because I didn't fill her bowl the night before!
  • edited August 2016
    Okay new Portlandia sketch idea: support group for owners of asshole cats.

    (Edit: sorry for the language but I own a Siamese and there's really no gentle way to put it. Dude is a huge dick.)
  • A support group would be funny. I do have a lot of mixed and difficult feelings about the stuff he does.

    I think I have shared this before, but this is the sorta thing that he does:

    ...but also highly highly annoying at the 4am - 5am hour. I want to hug him and throw him across the room at the same time.
  • Shout out to David for stepping into her litter box, then carefully squirting her pee backwards onto the floor
  • edited August 2016

    Basil loves stepping in his poop and then tracking it all over my/his favorite chair. I am working on a game inspired by it.

  • Oh my god, that's amazing!

    David's game would be about collecting different types of delicious snacks. There would be different point values for Doritos, popcorn, bread, goldfish crackers, Funyuns, coconut water, tortilla chips, etc.* You would play as her and search all through the house for these delicious snacks. Bonus points for: stealing snack from someone's hand mid-way to it reaching their mouth; finding hidden kibble around empty food bowl; trying a new food. Points deducted for eating actual cat treats.

    *These are her favorite foods and I'm not saying how I know :-(
  • @Thor Will you please finish Professor Poopy Pants soon and post it here?
  • edited August 2016
    I will post it here, but soon...yeah. It has a long way to go. Still putzing my way around Unity pretty hard, and I am making it a turn based RPG so I need to write a story, make music, and make a crapload of sprites and other stuff. I am hoping it will be easy-ish to make though because I am doing it flat and in a 8-16bit style, but I suspect that is wishful thinking, but maybe it won't take crazy long. I do have a pretty good loose story. It is about a professor cat living in a magical world who is out to prove science is better than magic but he had some traumatic experience where he stepped in poop before a big scientific presentation and embarrassed himself. People gave him the nickname "Professor Poopy Paws" and it stuck so he struggles because no one takes him seriously anymore. I am trying to make Chrono Trigger with my cat if that means anything to you.
  • David and Poochie are so similar. Poochie prefers to take a shit a few inches from her litter box.
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