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edited September 2016
Why does no one watch it? It is sorta crazy. Have you seen Elena Delle Donne!?

I feel like the the WNBA should be about 10x more popular. Wasn't there a joke on The Simpsons about it being boring or something? Is it just that and ol' fashioned sexism mucking things up? BIG PREDICTION: Basketball will totally be the first sport to have a lady crossover into the men's pro. Eventually someone will figure out that a smart and fast young lady who can hit a jumper is way way better than Raymond Felton.


  • Watched the women's national team a bunch during the Olympics. Way more fun than watching the men's team.
  • Uh yeah it's called sexism
  • That sucks.

    I watched those Olympic games too. Way more fun than the Men's! Partially though, and I think this has something to do with it's popularity as well, American men's pro has had like 60 years and millions of dollars worth of scouting and training and contracts that has created and pulled a ton of the best talent in the world all to us, where the women's talent pool is still more dispersed around the world cause there hasn't been as much money in finding and creating the freaks of nature that are in the NBA. I remember watching the WNBA when it first started and being disappointed at the pace, but it is WAY better now, and I think that probably has something to do with them having some time now to really go out and find all the really impressive ladies out there. I feel like no one is revisiting it though and that sucks. The NBA was boring as crap too when it first started. I don't know though, these are just guesses and I have done no research to back it up. I'm sure most of it is just straight up sexism.
  • There was a good article in last week's WSJ about Emma Meesseman's 3 point shooting. Headline: The Shooter Who’s Better—and Bigger—Than Stephen Curry
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    Wow! She's great. That title is pretty clickbaity through. Curry is an inch shorter and was 402/886 from 3 where she is 30/67. Her percentage is maybe higher but yeah, when you are only picking open shots...still though, she is super young so another year or two under her belt and who knows! Elena Delle Donne is still my girl. She has a 125.6 offensive rating and 8.7 total win shares! That's crazy good. I know everyone makes fun of stat quoting but I love it. Stats are maybe my favorite part of sports.

    Maya Moore is also stupid good:
  • I love this
  • Definitely not the WNBA, but I have become obsessed with Pistol Shrimp Radio
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    Got a ride from a cabbie-coach the other morning... he coaches the girls' varsity basketball team!!!

    It's his first year coaching this team; previously, he coached a junior high boys' team in basketball (or what I will now refer to as "ball"). He said what he likes about the girls' team is that there is more strategy and less hot-dogging!

    Now as much as I heartily enjoy hot-dogging in all forms, I also like to see a chess game play out on the ball court. I am watching for the patterns and permutations, plans and contingency plans, and getting to know the players by how their teammates fit them into the scheme, not just by what they do to stand out athletically.

    Does the WNBA stand out that way?

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