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work toonz

I can't listen to music with lyrics while I work b/c I get too distracted. So I tend to listen to internet radio stations like "Bluegrass Instrumental" or "Indie Electronic Beats" or movie soundtracks. Sometimes classical.

New fave is BADBADNOTGOOD's album "III" which was recommended by the burrito guy. Hip-hop jazzy instrumentals, just amazing.

Anyone else have good work music suggestions? Or maybe you know BADBADNOTGOOD and can suggest other things along that line?


  • I like to listen to my own radio show on a bluetooth earbud B-)
  • I have similar Pandora/Amazon Music stations set up. I also have a Pandora station based on Miles Davis. I like the Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor soundtracks, and I have this page bookmarked:
  • I have a seven year old iTunes playlist called WHITE NOISE. Lot of tracks off various of my mother's yoga music CDs, Eno, some Four Tet, Philip Glass, early Reich, Arp, and an hour of the Dalai Lama chanting which is actually way too intense for background music.

    On Spotify I follow several playlists with titles like BUDDHA SPA
  • @FaceTweetPlus, you might enjoy the instrumental music offered by All of their albums are only $1 to download--not $1 per song, $1 per full album!
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    Such good stuff, thanks all. That MusicForProgramming site is so nerdy! I love it, like listening to mixtapes. LT I'm chillin' on your 2016-06-12 episode right now.

    EDIT: This got real funky real quick! Starting to distract myself with Google searches for "Cowboys and Gangsters"
  • Hell yes... isn't that song amazing?? File under Ron Rogers, August Darnell, Ze Records, Cory Daye, and many other amazingly talented funky disco people. If you like the sound of "Cowboys and Gangsters" you might enjoy Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band and Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, which are all kind of the same people and wonderful disco era. It's very of it's time but I think it's absolutely timelessly appealing.

    I like that musicforprogramming, @curt. I associate computer art benders (a subset of programming?) with CDs I'd repeat for 12 hours at a time... Sterolab's "Sound-Dust," Towa Tei's "Last Century Modern," "Moon Safari" by Air, and "Fun9" by Takako Minekawa... so 90's space-age ultra-lounge.

    White noise is a great call in general on this topic, @YoursTruly. I like to listen to noise music when I masturbate and when I'm really drunk!!
  • I just listen to Landing. I got the full discography for $40 on bandcamp.

    70s-80s minimalism is a good call too.
  • I recently discovered that Nike commissioned a 45-min piece from Aesop Rock for runners years ago, but it works fabulous as a Get Things Done soundtrack. Only found it on YouTube so far;
  • My girl friend runs to Disney music! And "Let it go"
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