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Let's all Quit UHX

I'm quitting UHX. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or via email. I like most of you, but this message board is mostly dark assumptions, arguments as opposed to discussions, generally dark vives, and topics I don't give a shit about.

How about we all leave?! Like a mass exodus... the skeleton crew of admins can watch the activity dwindle and then pull the plug. Seems like a good way to start 2017. A FRESH START! Maybe we can start a new collaborative project together or something.

See you somewhere else.


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  • The next four years are going to be rough.
  • Yes, it's super passive aggressive (that is totally my MO, I'm good at it, it's a dumb way to be!). But no, not talking about any single person. I've been super absent from UHX for most the year and when I pop in I don't generally come away feeling good. That's been true for longer than just this year.

    This weekend UrHo was down for a bit cause we didn't pay the hosting bill (technical issues on my part) on time. Once we got the lights on I just started wondering about my own motivations and obligations and decided that while I love most of these people this is not the way I want to interact. I think it's how sometimes people feel they need to leave Facebook.

    No new people can join without an invite code (because of spam) so we're like the last survivors on a dying colony. Obviously UrHo has played a huge part in my life and it's the foundation on which I built my understanding of the role the internet plays in my social life. But I question the value of holding on to a digital relic. There are so many more places to engage with people online now, and I'd love for us to have an UrHo group on Snapchat rather than this.

    UH is not the center of my culture anymore, so I'm going to put my energy into other projects (and continue to collaborate and reach out to the people I met here).

    Calling out for everyone to join me in ending it is a selfish attempt to eliminate the feeling of abandoning a loved project. (But I have no problem keeping the lights on. Energy and bandwidth are cheap!)

  • Well. This place has cycles. I feel like there's been years where it was quiet, and then times were we have more to say to each other.

    Is anyone having K Board flashbacks?
  • Mike, you are the least passive aggressive person I can think of! I do not see your desire to move on from uhx that way at all. I had to quit facebook for similar reasons, and I get it. You put it very well. Thank you for making this space for us for all these years! And for everything else you do to facilitate amazing weird social events and happenings.

    I don't know how to use snapchat but I can figure it out. I will hang out with you wherever you go, if you'll have me

  • What YT said. Huge thanks to you and the other folks behind UHX. Lead the way.
  • I've been using Snapchat for years, but right now I'm kind of liking Instagram stories more, just because more people watch my story there.
  • Can you explain insta stories to me? My phone won't really play them but what I have been able to see if them makes me wonder how they are different from just posting a video. I am getting a new phone from my mommy for Christmas and will then be able to experience many new and wonderful things
  • I would be sad to see it go, but it's probably for the best. Good luck to you all. Seriously.
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    Other than a (very) select group who misinterpret "discussion board" as a "lecture-board" I think this remains a remarkably good scene. I've always enjoyed a vigourous, view-point filled discussion even (especially?) if it becomes politically heated.

    I think we might be confusing "politics not being fun anymore" with this board not being fun anymore?

    It's very rare in 2016 to have a basically unmoderated space for discussion on the internet. Where folks have both the intelligence and social skills to participate in group communication in which a single errant hand on the wheel can send the whole group off the cliff.

    It's also rare to have a non Facebook/Twitter/Instagram internet space for long-form discussions. Which as someone in the process of disengaging from the mental DOS attack known as social media, I have appreciated over the years.

    I won't follow to another platform where "You Are The Product" but happy either to trail along behind the group to the next indy discussion board watering hole or mourn the death of another non-profit voice on Internet, Inc.
  • he's right
    social media is rough stuff and I would miss this old-timey space

  • YT: Insta stories are like posting a video, but the video expires after 24 hours. This makes for more of a low-stakes feeling and people are more likely to post candid moments, as opposed to the tendency people have to curate perfect posts. This is basically what Snapchat is, and Instagram added it to compete.
  • Oh!!!!!! I get it. thank you!
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    I think Urho would make a great MMORPG guild. It's anonymous, your avatar is the only sorta product, and we could discuss racism and sandwiches while fighting dragons and programming mods. Eh?

    JK but not really. :)
  • MMORPG guilds require Herculean levels of moderating and organizing to be successful, else you end up with 100 fighters and no clerics. Clerics are to MMO what goalkeepers are to soccer, every team needs one but no kid grows up fantasing about casting buffs on the front line fighters.
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    Everybody's an Archer <- said in the way of "Everybody's a critic"

    FFXIV isn't so bad. You can have guilds (free companies in FF) with like 8 people. Healers even get to DPS some in it. I'd be the Conjurer to anyone on this boards's inevitable Archer/Bard or Lancer. That game even has a fairly straightforward macro writing documentation. Ok, I'll shutup. :-B
  • Yeah, I guess I'll chime in to agree that I can't imagine how Snapchat or Instastories could give me anything close to what URHO has provided over the years. It truly has been a unique place to talk about things I can't/don't talk about anywhere else online (the "ladies" thread comes to mind). I would be sad to see it go. And I also respect the admins'/founders' wants and needs - this place wouldn't be the same without Mike.
  • I have to defend Mike today since he handled bedtime duties with the kids last night so I could go to the Aesop Rock show. But normally I'd totally agree.

    Well, the 9-year-old was awake on the couch next to a sleeping Mike when I got home but STILL.

    (PS: Maybe we could have a /r/Portland style all-caps rant thread where we can encourage a healthy outlet for our impotent rage?)
  • Let's all activate, not quit, UHX. There are some deep contributors here.
  • I haven’t been active on UHX for a while, but wish for an alternative to tooter (or all the slacks) that is a bit more mellow paced and humane. Maybe that isn’t UHX, but it certainly isn’t social media.
  • Just checking in to see if Trump had sent the bulldozers in yet. Also worth noting: The older I get, the clearer I can see that I was right all along. ;)
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