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Podcast Idea

edited December 2010
Hi All,

I know what your Thinking: All we need is Another Podcast! I have a New Idea for 2011, that you might be interested in. Its called "Conversations with Gary Lacrosse."

Every week I submit Interview questions to be read by the On-Air Hosts to the Guest each week. It's like "Interview Magazine" but a Podcast!

Check it outimage


  • how do i check it out?
  • If you've already got your idea and your graphic, you're almost done! Now you just need some gear.

  • I think it's time we take a stand against factory podcasting. The Mom and Pop podcasters are getting shoved aside as the multinational podcasting consortiums eat up all the podcasts!!
  • In response to your Political Message, KmikeyM, "Conversations" now has a New Logo!


    It's like Freaky Friday!

  • Thank you for responding so quickly to this topical issue.
  • I have questions:

    Who are the "On Air Hosts"?

    This is your podcast but you do not appear on it you just suggest questions?
  • I think this is correct, Steve.
    Gary will supply the questions for the topic of that day, and the on air hosts, who I believe are named "Andrew and Richard," will answer and discuss those questions.

    Knowing Gary, the questions are sure to be thought-provoking and intelligible.

    There will also be special guest phone-in callers.
  • Who the fuck is Andrew?
  • When will everybody learn to just leave those pods alone?

    Nothing but trouble.
  • It's not the pods that cause trouble, it's the way people use them. If people would just take a pod safety class we wouldn't see the reckless podcasting that is all over the evening news. The answer is more education!
  • more education??? I thought you were a republican!
  • edited January 2011
    I grew up warm in a well-lit home where the pods out back swung gently in the breezeway. They were our pods and we knew them like our own dirty laundry. There was no casting of our pods, not from that home!

    But today, even the airlines are full of internets. A body can't think with its head on straight. Kids cast to total strangers before they are even out of their underpants. And nobody knows their names.

    Pod safety, Mikey? Give me another break!
  • If people want to podcast, they should have to go thru a class to make sure they do it safely. These classes can be run by private companies and competition will ensure fair pricing.
  • Unfortunately we still need a Topic Idea and a Guest Idea for next Friday's Podcast!

    Is there anyone on this Website that is promoting something?

  • Hello Grary,
    I will forward you a personal message with a promotion so Check In with your personal mailbox later today. OK Gary?

    The Denver Nuggets
  • Hi Guys,

    I put together a Video for This Week's Show! We're very excited to have The_Denver_Nuggest as our First Special Guest.


  • Gary, this is quite an achievement.

    If you ever need any MIDI cables, I am happy to lend them to you.

    Have you considered submitting your new show to PRI (Public Radio International)?
  • rivetin'!
  • I really find it shocking that more people are not having their lives changed by this video animated footage Gary made.

    It really is one of the best things ever made on the internet.

  • I, for one, am not having the life I was having.

    I hope this makes you happy, somehow.
  • Don't forget to Tune In tonight from 4 to 6 PM PT to hear the First Ever episode of "Conversations by Gary Lacrosse" ! Call-ins welcome listen to the Radio for the Phone number.

    Special Guest: The_Denver_Nuggets from Message Board "UHX"
    Special Topic: "Calendars"

  • Loving this Prince Rama

    Why did Gary schedule his jaw surgery so poorly???
    Does he not have a calendar?
    Maybe he forgot how to log on to iCal???
  • Yay, I called!
  • Willow giggling at Gary's questions = priceless!!
  • Even in absentia, Gary gets to the "meat and potatoes" of Willow's topic.
  • Willow!!!! GOOD QUESTION! I was wondering the same thing (re: logging into Gary's "privacy tips" website)!!!
  • "a big sale" made me LOL
  • Uh oh. She's gonna blame it on me!
  • Oh good, she didn't. The recession took the blame.
  • "In the time it took you to find that tea, that snake woulda SQUEEZED you."

    --cool new adage we should all say
  • Thanks guys. I was sweating it in there.

    Karen Inzana
  • Now Steve's talking!!!!!

    I am dying laughing. "WHY? WHY DON'T YOU JUST SAY IT'S 3? THE DOG DOESN'T KNOW!"
  • This is the TGIF to top them all you guyz.
  • really fun
    next week more characters need to call in. I totally flailed on mine but usually I do a better job, I swear!
  • No you did good! "... well I don't know" as a response to whether you've heard of the French Revolution is truly wonderful. So truly.
  • Was that you taking them to task over their lack of information?
  • edited January 2011
    Great job, Nuggets!

    Who was that guy that called. I sure wish he brought up Maxine


    She's like Cathy but older and gruffer and less uplifting!
  • Oops! Maybe next week!
  • Great Show! Where does it Upload?

    Lookin' for Help.

  • Gary! How's your face?
  • What if I can't tune in????

    Gary, do you keep any archive of this radio podcast program?
    I would love to listen, I'm really interested in your perspective. Ok, bye Gary!
  • I missed out on the live broadcast,
    I too want a "real" podcast.
    When and how?
  • FOLKS! Check it out! Conversations by Gary Lacrosse is officially the second UrHo Radio podcast.

    Here is the post with an mp3 of the show you can listen to (there was some music songs in the show that have been deleted because of legality).

    It will be in the iTunes Store soonish (these things take a few days to a week as I recall) but you can totally subscribe now if you want. In iTunes go to the Advanced menu then select subscribe to podcast and copy and paste this:

  • Wow, great!

    Thanks, Gary.
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