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Why UHX is fine

I will tell my story as UHX fades.

In 1994 I worked for the State Dept for the election division of South Africa. I traveled across the country. I would suggest viewing the film the Bang Bang Club. I traveled into bad bad lands to create elections as the press in the film did. I also encountered a car bomb and walked over feet thick broken glass and remains which we got through with our official ID.

In 1995 I worked for the American embassy in Sierra Leone. I was in the office of an election administrator when the first report of bad things came in. My colleagues inspired the bad things. That's my PTSD.

In 2004 I was fortunate to hope for democracy in Central Asia for the OSCE. Sadly one of the cabinet members we interviewed was assassinated soon after.

UHX can be a fine thing because it has cool people. Let's keep it.


  • I went to school on a theater scholarship, but switched to compsci and never finished my degree.

    Started out at an ISP in tech support in mid-90s and ended up a web developer. Moved to Portland in 2000 just in time for bubble bursting but managed to stay employed. Along the way retired a small consulting company and crashed an internet startup.

    After 20ish years in IT I'm now a data guy working with large health care databases and the processes around data management for large companies.

    UHX is a fine thing because it allows for different perspectives and an unspoken culture of respect. Let's keep it.
  • I'm always amazed at all the stuff you've done, Dr. WH.
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