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I think this is the snowiest + consistently coldest winter I've ever experienced in Portland, having lived here from 1990-1999 and then from 2009-now.

Anybody else concur? We're stuck on our hill cause it's super icy!

Kind of enjoying it.


  • It feels like that to me, but I was thinking it's just because this old building I live in is so badly insulated.
  • The way I have put it... 0 storms is unexpected. 1 storm is average. 2 storms is crazy. 3 storms is I never
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    Did anyone else have a wild time getting across town on Wednesday, December 14?

    Anyone who left work after 2:00 PM was already much screwed; I did not even pay attention to the weather until my usual quittin' time. I left a bit after 5:00 PM... or, tried to leave. I boarded a bus that went about 60 meters in 60 minutes. Then I took the tram down instead. Then I waited another hour for a street car. Then the street car only made it 2 stops until the first abandoned car on the tracks. Finally, I used my own motive to reach the Max lines, where I was able to go home without much irregularity. When I finally got home at 9:30 PM, the line of bumper-to-bumper trucks going south on I-5 was truly chilling.

    One of my acquaintances had no choice but to walk home 7 miles uphill. At one point they were offered a cold one by a fellow pedestrian, which they respectfully declined. Another time, they helped to push a car up a hill.

    The sheer havoc of it all really does leave me with the willies, knowing that it was a brief preview of what we'll see in case of disaster. In all seriousness, I am grateful that the town is as walkable as it is in terms of just size. It will take me a couple of hours to walk home... just as long as the bridges aren't iced...
  • Yeah, the 14th was NUTS for so many friends. Luckily Sasha and I still lived 8 blocks from work that day (we live on Mountain Tabor now which is much more dicey), but my friend left Beaverton at 2pm and got home at 10pm or something?

    So many stories of taking 4 hours to go 3 miles.

    I bought a snow shovel and some rock salt. I'm shoveling the sidewalk/driveway for the first time in my life.
  • Bend at the knees!
    Also New England pro tip: for that wet snow that's ice on the bottom you want to use a COAL shovel. I learned this from our retired neighbor Henry who's always loaning us tools when he sees us struggling haplessly in the yard
  • Coal shovel has flat/straight edge, not pointed like a garden shovel. It goes right under the ice without scratching up the sidewalk

  • It definitely feels colder to me. We have a stray(ish) cat in our hood. People definitely care for him because he is chubby and often freshly washed and dried, and he is very friendly, but he comes by at all hours to hang out. We've been letting him in recently because it is so cold, but then I have to kick him out when I can no longer watch him with my full attention and it breaks my heart.
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    I have been thinking about this scene from LA Story all winter:

  • Looks like more snow. Yeah, this seems like the most wintery winter I remember.
  • image
  • I just watched Twin Peaks for the first time : - ) Great show
  • We got a foot of snow at Tabor and went sledding last night!
  • I saw you and two other long time Portlanders say that this is the most snow ever.
  • I couldn't get out of me neighborhood until 11+ am
    at 4+ pm I aslked the ppl who got off the bus by my house if they vcame from downtown and how long did it take. 90 minutes from rose quarter to north of Mississippi district. That same trip is usually 20-30 minutes.
  • Did you know: Portland's average snowfall is 4.5 inches per year? Most years we get none, and then every once in a while we get SO MUCH.
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    Total trips out of house in last four days: 1 medical, 1 freddy's run, 3 plaid runs for cider (why don't I just buy more at a time?!) and 3 sledding trips.

    This must be how the pioneers did it.

    EDIT: Mt. Tabor! The cold zapped my battery before I could get snaps of air mattresses and kiddy pools catching air.
  • Cider stores really well in a pile of snow just outside the front door.
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