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Twin Peaks

Any regular customers of the Double R around here?

I'm not sure if an air date has been declared, but it sounds like this will be the year that we see the strange town once again.

What a program. I'm late to the game, having just watched it for the first time (over the course of a year, with an expert)... I didn't even change my avatar on here way back when as many of you enjoyed doing.


This show gave me a deeper appreciation of Lynch's strengths (collaborating with Mark Frost) and weaknesses as a storyteller. A theme that my friend and I came back to again and again was the role of sweetness and innocence amidst all this pain and suffering. For example: we think that whenever he uses violence, he positions the viewer to possess the responsibility for witnessing the character's pain. It's not done to give us pleasure--like Law & Order, CSI, The Godfather, etc. In one way, it is a comment on popular entertainment--an anti-gladiatorial arena--but I have also thought that it might be designed to leave the viewer with a philosophical commitment to protecting the innocence we see around us and within us. A question I have no answer to is whether it goes deeper; that Lynch may define fear as a kind of lever that can access love.


There are various plays of gendered violence and sex roles that filled my heart with joy. I had never, not even in literature, met a heroine like Laura Palmer. I have chills writing this, thinking about her sacrifice. I relate to her big time, and to see a young woman acting out epic battles of good and evil--not merely being acted upon--makes my life story have more meaning.


Right now my all-time favorite person in the show is Major Briggs. In Season 1 I figured Bobby Briggs was my boyfriend, but then I grew up and realized I could have an amazing husband in Major Briggs. My other most favorite is Audrey Horne (another heroine for the ages). I am devoted to the goddess Catherine Martell. Josie Packard got a raw deal and I request a re-do of her story line. I wish the episodes where James Hurley was caught in a love triangle at that random mansion could be a whole movie.


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    Bobby Briggs and Shelley got a quickie marriage and divorce in Reno back in the 90's. He is now married to his 4th wife, a 25-year-old community college student. He is the mayor of Twin Peaks.

    Shelley runs the Double R with Leo, who was mostly rehabilitated. She wishes she had run away with Gordon Cole.

    Albert Rosenfeld quit the FBI and moved to Twin Peaks, where he now presides with Sherrif Truman over the PD. Cooper doesn't get invited to the Book House anymore...

    Garland Briggs is -officially- retired from the military. When he isn't competing in amateur fly fishing tourneys, he gives great advice to the mayor and really enjoys being a grandfather.

    Lucy and Andy's teenage daughter is the school genius. She's fascinated by Cooper and Annie's son*, who is in all the same clubs as her, but seems held back socially for mysterious reasons.

    Norma realized that it was just never going to work with Ed. She gave Shelley the diner and moved to Florida.

    Audrey Horne took over the hotel and now owns just about everything in Twin Peaks, including the mill. She's running against Bobby Briggs in next year's election.

    *Is this possible? My expert friend has had this assumption for decades but now I can't remember if Annie is seen again?
  • these are very good predictions
  • I was actually watching FWWM last night.
  • I haven't seen that yet!!!!!!!
  • I still have never seen Twin Peaks anything - it's on my list, I swear...
  • You gotta check it out, Schlabe... but make sure to start with the PILOT episode. I watched episodes 1-4 about 15 years ago and it didn't catch me; recently, I watched with someone who started us on the pilot and I was like "NOW it makes sense."
  • I started with FWWM :)
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