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Questions about calling Congressmen and Women

Question for smarter people than me: The Republicans who will/might vote no on TrumpDon'tCare would do so for the opposite reasons I would, does that mean that calling them and urging them to vote no for the reasons I would is a bad move?

Is calling reps for other states a complete waste of time?


  • Calling reps for other states is a complete waste of time.

    Calling your own rep and registering your opposition to a bill gets tallied, though I don't believe your rationale for opposition does. So even if you dislike it for different reasons than your rep, it is worth calling.
  • Different republicans are voting no for different reasons it turns out. It's fine to just tell them what you actually think.

    Jamie Herrera Beutler of SW washington state for example, is mad about the loss of coverage for kids on medicaid. (or so she says).
  • I felt compelled to comment on this thread since there is so little activity these days! Yay for the bad thing getting stopped today!
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