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My dissertation is 206 pages long

edited January 2011
Just wanted to post here, since I have no one to talk to in my daily life.
Just wanted to give myself some props, for writing a 206 page book just now.
That is all, thank you everyone.

p.s. you may read it for free


  • edited January 2011
    What is your dissertation on? Something French?

  • Indeed!
    stories about having sex with vampires
    the Reign of Terror
    basically that's it
  • edited January 2011
    Good job spilling words, friend!

    Now how big are these pages? Bigger than a houseboat? Smaller than a snoopy nose? That's sorta is important in gauging how impressive these 206 pages are.
  • Each page has one word on it
  • I want to read it!! How can that happen? Will I understand 70% of it? 40%?
  • Each page has one character. It's a little longer than a tweet.
    Congratulations on your long tweet!
  • anyone who wishes may be emailed a pdf of it once it's actually done and all my weird citation problems are fixed.

    You will probably understand a lot of it.

    You will also probably be incredibly bored by an immense portion of it.

  • Hey TW
    shoot it my way. I won't guarantee I'll read it, but I do binge read things people have given me to every so often. Maybe I'll give it a whirl.

  • it's not ready yet but i will when it's done
    who are you? do i have your email address?
    (still confused about new names/avatars)
  • Way to go, Teen Wolf! I hope you celebrate hard this weekend with your snoopies and your chi chis and your NYers and yogas! (aka things you like.)
  • and my BLACK SWAN!

    Damn, what a killer movie!!!
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