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I Quit Facebook

edited January 2011


  • How come?
  • didn't you do that like two years ago, too?
  • edited January 2011
    nope, I JOINED two years ago!

    Just had this moment, where I was fighting with some random person about Matt Damon, where I was like "wtf am I doing with my life"
  • Doh! I wish you didn't do that! Now you don't know that I fell down the stairs with Calvin in my arms and it was scary but I am OK! I will miss you.
  • I did see that! I commented on it, didn't I?!

    it is a terrible tale

    i'm sure i'll be back. I think lots of things about FB are great. But I just felt terrible about myself and the world in this one moment today, and so I'm seeing what bailing feels like
  • The good thing about ol' TeenWuf is that she is really great at emails. If you write her one she will write you a great one back. I agree that Facebook is a convenient way of keeping up with the goings on of the friends, but certainly not the only way.

    I commend you, Wolfy.
  • Thank you dearie.

    It is true: if you'd like an email from me I will write you one.

    (I love the idea of replacing Facebook with just sending personal emails to 404 people ten times a day)

    Seriously though: EMAIL 4EVER, I LOVE EMAIL

  • Man, I totally thought you de-friended me.

    Anyway, now I will learn nothing new about classical music for the rest of my life.
  • TeenWolf. I have a proposal for you. Please refer to your Electronic Mailbox.
  • I forget who you are, Zabriskie Point! Please remind.
    Classical music is for everyone. I am happy to provide updates on my thoughts on classical music to anyone who wants them (as per mike's proposal, which is now "cooking" (Mike, please refer to your electronic inbox mailbox))

  • I endorse this decision by TeenWolf.
  • I thought maybe you de-friended me because of some things I said about Tiny Furniture.
  • What did you say about Tiny Furniture?
  • edited January 2011
    This is a classic example of why I got burned by the FB. Why do I give a shit about Tiny Furniture, enough to have some argument about it with some guy I totally like and respect? I haven't even seen the film; neither had he (you)! It is dumb. I truly don't give two shits about that movie. Something about FB brings out something pugnacious in myself, and really in lots of people, that I dislike.

    However you raise an important issue I hadn't considered--I thought if you deleted your account it was just like you weren't there anymore, but does it look to all my friends like I specifically de-friended them? That is a bummer, if so. Should I log back on and make an announcement? God that is lame. But I don't want anyone feeling personally bummed!

    I just logged back in and posted an announcement. If I deactivate now will that announcement disappear for all my friends? Let me know on this.

    Feels gross being back in. HOW SOON CAN I RE-DEACTIVATE?

  • I re-deactivated. Too weird.

    Anyone who knows me well enough to be truly bummed I de-friended should/would hopefully just email me (I'm looking at you, Chris, why didn't you email if you thought I was delivering a massive "fuck you?" HUH MAN?)

  • I like facebook. You will be missed.
  • I think your post disappeared when you re-deactivated.

    I don't think there is an easy way to notice that you were missing from facebook, except that you were pretty active and people like you and were wondering or if people are too aware of their friend count and noticed it went down (but even then I think you have to click on your own profile to see your friend count). I didn't notice you were gone.

    I have had very similar feelings as you, Wolfy, about Facebook. So many comments from my friends making me mad. I don't really get into fights on it (instead I stew and steam), I just swallow the feelings in an equally bad way.

  • Yeah! I sometimes also stew and steam, and I don't like THAT feeling either!!!
    I'm still steaming about the thing that was the final straw, for me. Such a dumb thing to stew about.

    I feel good so far!!! But, I am not getting enough personal email messages to maintain my high level of interest/meddling in my friends' guys come on...better get on that....

  • edited January 2011
    I only thought you de-friended me for like a few minutes. Then I came over here and got the scoop.

    I don't think we had a real argument. I was being sorta obnoxious though. I don't even remember what I said about Tiny Furniture. Something really uninformed, though. Something along the lines of: "This looks dumb."

    I spent hours on Facebook today debating the merits of the film critic Armond White. Days like this make me hate Facebook.
  • This is what I wrote: "Tiny Furniture looks like a tiny piece of shit."

    And then I got more dick-ish after that.
  • And I said the equivalent of "BUT A GIRL MADE IT, FUCK YOU"

    which is even dumber and dicker, really.

    So, it all turned out ok!
  • edited January 2011
    I just read a thread about deactivating a Facebook account. Now I am posting in that thread.

    I hate Facebook.

    ( I like whatever the Wulf does. )

    I remember when most of my FB messages were nice little surprises from somebody special. Now they are almost all spam about things that are kind of maybe halfway interesting but not really.

    But I maintain some pleasant FB relationships, mostly among Old Folks from The Past.

    And it was funny how important the relationship status update was to me as I transitioned from 'married' to [hidden] 'it's complicated' to 'in a relationship' last year. I mean, not 'funny' but, you know, surprising.

    I did the 'in a relationship' in a fairly light-hearted manner, kind of as a chuckle for my friend, but whoah! Now we're, like, Facebook married. It reminds me of nothing so much as rumors of having kissed somebody in second grade.

    A tad psycho. And FB is basically an evil shopping mall of the soul.

    But still....

    The Wulf is my hero, the site of heroic agony.

    (and Gary FB chatted w/me on the Wulf's FB account while the Wulf wasn't looking! We had an FB affair! Ha! ha!)
  • when did he/??
    he was on my computer?




  • I always think about just unfriending everyone but my close friends on FB. What would that be like?
  • Once I reach 666 friends I'm doing my best to stay there.
  • "An evil shopping mall of the soul"
  • I recently rejoined fb after 6 months or so of being off of it. I'm kind of into it. (But I will probably leave again eventually, this is my 4th facebook account.)
  • I'm only friends with people I know in real life, except for a couple people from this here site and a few other random internet friends. I thought about pruning it down to close friends and relatives, but I think the idea of an invisible audience for my interactions is what makes it kinda fun.
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