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I am moving to Seattle next month. I've only been there a few times. I know next to nothing about it. Where should I live? Where should I drink? Who should I know? Where should I work? I'm nervous and I need suggestions.


  • I am a huge fan of this place
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    I live downtown/First Hill, near the library, and I like it. I don't care for the north. Capitol Hill is alright, but I prefer to live near there but not right in it.

    North means neighborhoods near the University, Ballard, Wallingford, Fremont, Green Lake, Phinney Ridge. Lots of people live there though, and frankly, Ballard/Greenwood seems rather Portland-y to me, and there's nothing wrong with that. I like the parts of town that make me feel more like I'm in a city.

    It seems like a good idea to live pretty close to one's work, so I like living in busy places with many possibilities for work nearby.

    Also, the library is one of my favorite things.

    Why are you moving to Seattle? The answer to that question may reveal answers to other questions.

    I like swimming in Lake Washington in the Summer.

    The Stranger SLOG is both very irritating and very informative about Seattle-y goings-on. (The comments are depressing. Don't read them.)

    The Seattle Times is an awful newspaper. Real Change is pretty good.

    People like listening to an on-line show called "Too Beautiful to Live". I don't know that much about it. is pretty neat.

    Go to shows that feature Shabazz Palaces, Militant Child,, Hidmo, Thee Satisfaction, Gabriel Teodros, Suntonio Banderas, Khingz, Black Stax, WD4D, Tendai Maraire, Hi-Life Sound System and Abyssinian Creole.

    Get a bicycle with a lot of gears and ride it over the hills.

    Go to meetings about political things like whether the city should dig tunnels for cars and stuff.

    Ask people questions.
  • Thanks for all of this information!

    I'm moving there because my wife got a good job in Kent, and we must follow the money. But I am excited about exploring this city. I have been to the library and the Showbox and the old Mariners dome, but that's about all I know about Seattle. Oh, and that Gehry monstrosity that looks like shitty chewed gum.

    I believe we want to live somewhere in the south? Near the freeway, for commuting purposes.

    I would like to find writing work like the stuff I do in Portland, but freelancing opportunities seem few and far between up there. Seattle Weekly's culture section seems to be culled from the LA Weekly and Village Voice, for instance.

    My life in Portland is perfect, and I would like my life in Seattle to be perfect.
  • I moved to Seattle about two years ago, and have enjoyed it a lot, although I expect to switch coasts sometime this year. Dr J's advice is very good.
  • Kent is like Tualitin, about 20 miles south of Seattle. Nothing wrong with it, there are situations to be found, but not well-situated for many things. I don't know how much you wish to let that determine your residence, but I strongly recommend that you look at the south-end neighborhoods of Seattle: Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Georgetown, Seward Park... also Skyway, South Park, West Seattle and White Center and there are fairly easy transit commutes out of dowtown, depending on the particulars of where your partner's employer is situated. Another thought is to step back from being Seattle-centric: Burien has some cool stuff going on and miles of beaches along Puget Sound, South of Burien is a cute marina community, I forget what it is called. Also, Kent is about equi-distant to Tacoma which, believe it or not, is an amazing, vibrant, very soulful, world of its own (and way cheaper for housing than Seattle). So, you've got options.....!
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