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Weird L.A. short-term sublet or roommate situation?

edited January 2011
Hey guys
I know lots of homies on here are from my technical permanent residence of Los Angeles.
I am trying to plan my weird spring semester, which includes so many strange trips to this city, all awkwardly spaced.
Like one trip to Los Angeles at the beginning of every month? So weird.
So I am trying to skip one of those trips by basically coming to L.A. for one of them and then staying through the next one.
This would be like roughly May 12 through June 11.
Craigslist is inconclusive, though I will keep checking as the date draws nearer. Really I would love to be in a homies situation, where I live in your house and pay you, or you need me to sublet your apartment/room/whatever. Weird shed out back? I will live in that!

I could spend anywhere from 0 to like 500 clams, which for LA I know is not actually probably enough to spend.

?? All ideas are welcome. Must be bus-able to UCLA campus.


Your Friend


  • New alternative plan in the event the above doesn't work

    do you have a free place for two people and a dog to live for three months in L.A.?


  • Wolfy, I wouldn't put too many of your "egg" in this here (UHX) basket for this plan as I can't think of a single person who lives in LA who is here often, but not saying that it couldn't happen. JSYK.
  • How about, fly up to Portland in between? Cheaper & easier than flying to Iowa City. We could probably set you up with a cheap sublet in Josh's parents' pad as long as they're not planning a visit. Also, Calvin!
  • I might know somebody with a little guest house. Hmm. Maybe. I will ask. (Hills of Echo Park is OK? Little bit of money?)
  • When, exactly?
  • I take it all back.

    People here have lots of connections.
  • URHO is a 'pre-qualified' community.
  • WOW
    Yeah, that would be amazing, Dr. J.

    There are three options, for dates/time spans:

    If just myself is living there, it would be for roughly one month, and would be either like

    April 11 to May 15
    May 12 to June 11

    with probably the April-May option being more preferable.

    If myself plus another person plus a dog are living there, it would be for more like four months, and would be fairly negotiable but would be like mid-March to mid-June.

    Money would be the major issue....I don't have much to spare and am mostly considering this option to save the hassle of a plane trip, thus would not want to spend THAT much more than a plane ticket....but if your friends are up for any of these date options, they can say how much they want for it and I can decide. The four-month option is only doable if we can sub-let our current apartment OR live totally for free, both of which conditions are pretty unlikely, obviously.

    this would be way cool

    let a dog know

  • the portland option is also very cool and is under advisement. Iowa to LA to Portland to LA to Iowa to LA!

    SPRING 2011

    (the issue being that I need to defend my dissertation, file my dissertation, present at a conference if I get accepted, and then walk in the hooding ceremony, each of which is occurring roughly at the beginning of subsequent months starting in like March.)
  • your friends probably want way more for their guesthouse than I can pay...which is fair, considering it is L.A. and I'm sure they could ask butt-loads of money for it. So it's cool if it doesn't work out! JSYK
  • Looks like you need a Teammate situation for your Basketball game!

  • edited January 2011
    Like Sarah McDoogle: Nuthin' but net!

    FTR, I have no idea what the deal might be with the little cabin house.

    But I'll let you know.

  • Sorry Bud, turns out the little house will be full of people. No can do.
  • sorry to hijack but yo, teen wolf, you seen this yet?
    The lady version of nerd boyfriend
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