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deleting 14,576 emails takes a long time

edited January 2011
I am clearing out my email, entourage keeps crashing, ugh ugh ugh. Already killed approx 10k emails yesterday, but this batch crunches ever so slowly. I feel like Teen Wolf making this a discussion(ie awesome) but you guys! WWSMcDD? I have worked at this place for over 7 years so there is quite a backlog! It is weird to clear out a desk etc. I never worked an office job before this and CERTAINLY never worked anywhere longer than a year and a half.

What's the longest anyone has worked a job (just for the sake of argument let's discount freelance/self-employed)?

I just wrote this and it's only dealt with 500 since I began the missive. Wish I could send an octoshark to compost them.

thanks for helping me to process this strange moment in time, UHX


  • I worked at a place from March 15, 1991 to May 1, 1999. The Nineties!
  • not counting grad school, the longest I have held a job is one calendar year.

    that's pretty incredible. I am 33.
  • I just quit my job and I think it was the longest one I ever had. Four years. People keep asking me "what's next," but to me that's like if you divorced your wife of four years and people asked "What's your new wife going to be like?"

    I mean, I know people ask that question because it's the question you ask in that situation, I'm just giving my side of it.
  • For what it's worth, Alan, I am not interested in "what's next" for you, I'm interested in "WHAT'S NOW" for you

    whatever you do is ok by me

    one thing I am tired of is when people ask me "where are you gonna get a job?" Like it's up to me. Then they're like "UC Santa Cruz is a good school, why don't you work there?" YEAH WHY DON'T I
  • At my job the people in charge are playing it like I quit instead of getting laid off so I've gotten a ton of excited emails from (ex)co-workers about "what cool job/thing are you moving on to" and I have to burst their excited bubble.

    I did it though. I deleted ALL MY EMAILS! Now I just have to as Sarah McD how to get the tetraflop codec installed so I can upload the photo on my phone I took of my hand deleting the last email.

  • I'm pretty sure she'd tell you that the tetraflop codec is famously virus-prone and you should get a Dell because their phone interface is really good
  • p.s. sorry for calling you Alan, DV, I guess the all-caps confused me
  • FTR, no problem ;)
  • ED, Kinda harsh when the people in charge aren't being straight-up, especially after your years of service. In fact, for you to collect unemployment (which should be pretty hefty for you since you've been paying in for years: Ka-ching!) it is essential that the official record show that you were "laid off for lack of work" not "voluntarily terminated/quit".

    Rock on!
  • oh yeah, I am getting unemployment for sure, it's within work walls/the corporation's culture they want to "look cool" and pretend they are not responsible for this decision. They were not assholes in the details of the exit at all, it's just the spin that's so annoying.
  • They also probably don't want to look like they are down-sizing for lack of sales.
  • oh no, that's the best part - profits have never been higher! it's just my department that has been reorganized into oblivion.
  • God, really sorry about your job, Ed. That sucks. "REORG" "REDUNDANCY"

    Incidentally, the longest I've ever held a job was from June, 2002 - May, 2006 at a weird little "design" company in Anacortes called "How It Works". I got back from tour in May of that year and there was another dude at my desk. CLASSY WAY TO TELL ME. No notice or whatever.
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