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Can we talk about how itunes sucks?

edited January 2011
Why, please tell me why, am I allowed to put duplicate songs by the same artist?? I do not want to be able to do this.

Now I must spend hours (I'm exaggerating) going through and deleting the multiples.

Can someone solve my problem?


  • I'll always recommend Foobar or VLC before iTunes.
  • Can I upload to my itunes with VLC??? I have this program! What is Foobar? I'm googling these things!
  • OK. iTunes can be a real slog it's true.

    toni is recommending using VLC as a mp3 player, but it's not something that manages your mp3 library at all. You just make a playlist and listen.

    The problem with duplicates in iTunes happens when you add a new album and you drop that folder in and in addition to the MP3 files there is a .m3u file. My understanding is if you put the same MP3 into iTunes twice it WOULDN'T make a duplicate in iTunes but when you add an MP3 and an .m3u of that album it does make duplicates. .m3u files are weird little container files that have all the info for a group of MP3s(album). So you could just add the mp3s or just the .m3u and it would be mellow.

    Confusing and dumb.

    iTunes is especially hard with large libraries. I have gone back and forth about being intense and anal about it. If you have a large library and want to be especially neat with iTunes it can take over your life.

  • I think it's taking over my life.

    I accidentally added my complete mo-town to my new 160gb ipod 2 times!

    I think I will delete all and start over... this time, with feeling.

    ps. I wish I could trade this 160 gb ipod for an ipod touch.
  • Starting over is a good solution sometimes.

    ps. If wishes and buts were candy and nuts.....

    (WATCH OUT FOR THOSE .m3us, they gunk up the works)
  • I don't know if I have any .m3us.

    Go fish :)
  • don't start over!

    Maybe Steve Jobs will fix this on his medical leave.

  • even better: if you press alt / option whilst File, it will give you DISPLAY EXACT DUPLICATES, (IE same album, name, etc.)

    I wish I was at home w/ my computer.

    Anyone want to trade a 160 gb ipod for ipod touch?
  • I also hate iTunes
    also can we talk about how the latest version is always worse than the previous version
    looks worse
    is worse
    "album art" being made more and more present in the display, so now in the latest one you can't even get rid of that column??? So I have all these big empty white boxes of "NO ALBUM ART FOUND" next to my neat columns?

    Real dumb

    duplicates situation is real dumb

    I also hate iPhoto
  • you can get rid of the album art still. you can totally make it look like old itunes.
  • image

    My settings for this:

    View menu--->
    as Album List

    Column Browser --->

    you can hide or show the album artwork in the lower lefthand corner with the little box with the upward facing arrow.
  • If you don't want the artwork in the song list just choose "List" instead of "Album List" in the View menu drop down. I spent some time getting the artwork for a lot of my mp3s so i have it in there.

  • I stopped with itunes 9 for exactly the reasons you cited, Teen Wolf. Starting with 7, every time it seemed to get worse and less convenient, so I bailed from updating after 9.0. I buy all of my (few) digi downloads from amazon anyways, because of the lack of DRM.

    I had to use it at work with my giant music library and many times I cursed it, for lack of functionality in a professional setting, but there isn't really a comparable alternative.
  • Ace Ventura
  • "Ace Ventura" is the 1st official mixtape from the Color Changin Click a Houston based posse from like 00-04 featuring Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and a bunch of other dudes.

    They put out other mixtapes like "Deuce Bigalow," "Bobby Boshay," "Homer Pimpson," "Super Bowl Special," and "Homer Pimpson 2."
  • Has Anyone heard the app Audion by Picnic?
  • Ya know what I wish I could do -- delete songs directly off my ipod.
  • OH!

    You know what you need?

    an iRiver!

    They can totally do that!
  • For the longest time I had a "Creative Zen Touch" and that also did it. I loved that guy. Huge, heavy, non-breakable, able to delete songs from device... ahhh the good old days.

  • Hu-huh. Creative Zen Touch.
  • "Shake to shuffle"
  • clickwheel
  • Stevie, thanks so much for the suggestion! This will help my life.......

    "it's a crazy life...the iTunes life..."
  • I had a Rio similar to the one Alex posted. 64 MB! I listened to cLOUDDEAD a lot on that thing. Also Iron and Wine. Also The Shins.
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