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is today a good day to buy apple stock?

edited January 2011
it is low due to jobs health news
what do you think?
time to buy?
i want to do short term on this one, and i think it will no doubt pop up after macworld and new product announcements, no?


  • TIGHT CALL, except Macworld doesn't mean new product announcements anymore. Apple isn't involved in Macworld anymore, but iPad2 should be announced SOON.
  • yeah, im just sayin too bad i didnt get it earlier this morning when it was down like 20 points, but still i bet it goes up in the next months.
  • edited January 2011
    aapl is dippn now doggy.
    you'd really have to throw some cash at it though, aapl is more of a long term return...
  • I did it. Sold some other stuff to buy Apple. It seems weird sometimes to profit from fucked up shit like terrorism, oil spills, and the creeping spectre of death haunting a brilliant CEO, but you have to be smart about these things. I think it's possible to feel bad for what is happening in the world and still profit from the irrational reactions of the markets.
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