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Insane Power Drink: BE IT RESOLVED

edited January 2011
Lately Gary and I have been doing Insane Power Drinks almost every day. Anyone want to join in, or share their own recipe?

Half a beet
whole carrot
half an apple
clove of garlic
two leaves of kale or chard
juice of half a lime
yogurt or soy yogurt or something with live cultures
grated ginger
ice cubes
ground flax seed

put all in food processor, blend for a few minutes.

Makes a weird sour/garlicky/sweet weirdly chewy bright purple drink



  • You should try adding frozen berries instead of ice. Makes it sweeter/less watery. Although with a crazy packed drink like this, water might be a good thing.
  • Is this energy drinks?
  • image

  • Also, have you tried coffee?
  • i been juicin

  • Alam Frogtr has been making us a similar blast!
    Just juices, no added seeds or thingys, but so good.

    Part of a beet!
    All the other stuff!
    I love owning a juice machine!
  • It's 5-hour energy.
  • is this in memory of Jack Lalaine?

    if so, awesome.

    also, here's my awesome brekky drank:

    1 raw egg
    handfull frozen blueberries
    peeled banana
    1 pour of OJ
    2 table spoon scoops of nancy's vanilla yogurt

  • I've been drinking the same thing every morning for probably 5 years.

    frozen strawberries
    frozen blueberries
    hemp protein powder
    orange juice
    flax seed oil
  • I didn't know UHX had so many power drinkers!
    Awesome Health Blast City
    Good Job To All!!!

    I'm gonna make one when I get back from fetching my dog and buying a toilet plunger at the hardware store
  • These drinks sound good. I just drink water and coffee. I should get a food processor.
  • favorite power drink moment at about 1:56
  • Alex: food processor is such a great invention. The only expensive bourgie kitchen appliance I own! Not counting fancy knives.

    They are expensive but check out your goodwills and your garage sales and your ebays, because they are so worth it. Not just for amazing health-blast smoothies but also PESTO and also CREAMY SOUPS!!!! And also HOMEMADE HUMMUS. And other stuff (they can even knead bread for you)

    MARGARITAS. Sure you can use a blender for that but whatever
  • What is the difference between a food processor and a blender? I always thought they were the same thing!
  • edited January 2011
    food processor

  • edited January 2011
  • edited January 2011
    thanks :D
  • in my experience you get a MUCH smoother blend with a food processor than with a blender. Also a deeper mix. But I don't know if this is true....what IS the difference, technically? Aside from "several hundred dollars"??? Food processor has all the different attachments, like a knife just for making thin slices; a knife for zesting; a bread dough hook...and also all the different shapes of holes you can open up to stick stuff in while it's working. It's generally a more elaborate machine. But really when you get down to it what's the difference?

    I've never been able to make hummus in a blender, because it remains chunky. I feel like a blender is going to leave you some big chunks of things, whereas a FP can get it 100% smooth??? I wish a Hot Knife would post and explain.

  • edited January 2011
    ^we had those blenders at Borders when I worked there. I was always tempted to throw random things in them.
  • we've got this bad boy, just for juicin'
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