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edited January 2011
The Artistery is closing in March. We should share some of our favorite Artistery moments, stories, and images from the last 8 years.

I'll start:
- 30th birthday party with dalas, Steve, and Claire djing last May.
- Pretty much ANY White Fang show
- Little Wangs
- The first Poison Dart show with Sound Stories and The Watery Graves way back in 2003 when it was at the house.
- Bonfires out back
- Thanksgiving - all shows



  • edited January 2011
    That stinks!
    I only have been a couple of times, but I really liked that place.
    I barely new her.
    I think all the times I have been there are included in your list above, but they were good times.
  • They ought to open up a new space elsewhere. I ran into Eve last night and she said that there was some interest amongst the residence in "going legit" with a record store and licensed venue. Somebody call Kevin! Somebody call the mayor!

    Was this the last all-ages space in the city?
  • Backspace still does all-ages shows quite often. Not sure about The Wail, I heard that closed? Other venues do all-ages shows, but they're BIG all-ages shows, like the Wonder or Roseland or Crystal. Nothing with the same capacity and spirit as the Artistery.

    I hope people step up! I hope there are still affordable spaces left in Portland for such an endeavor!
  • Aaron's parents BBQ-ing at Artistery anniversary shows.

    Seeing P:ano in the big ol' geodesic dome at the old location.

    When The Kallikak Family/May 23rd 2007 did that amazing drone/comedy set in that same geo dome.

    Mt. Eerie shred band sounding like a sped up Dionosaur Jr. with Jason Anderson shredding solos

    Maher Shalel Hash Baz bringing it!

    The band Repititions.

    Other stuff!

    It was a great place.
  • Moshing with like 3 other people at White Fang shows.

    Drinking hot teas and laying down to many White Rainbows.

    Fun parties.

    Met lots of cool people here. Will be missed.
  • I will look forward to joining you folks at the celebration!

    Last night I saw Weston and Anney briefly at a weird Mac Miller show that i was at for an hour after getting back from Eli & Ashley's wedding and Anney gave me a wooden button! That was nice.

    I know there is a huge chance for Portland to step it up and find a way to make some dedicated space happen for smaller and more experimental shows that split the distance between a house show and a safe and accessible legit venue. Like Rahm Emmanuel says, let no crisis go to waste!

    Cary Clarke in the mayor's office = huge ally. New NEA granting initiatives up the wazzu. I have faith in you, Portland!
  • The Blankket
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