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anybody wanna buy my ipod touch?

edited February 2011
second generation, 16 gb
like an iphone without the pesky phone part
so light and sleek
i could leave it straight loaded w apps and killer tunes or not
dunno how much its worth
one lil scratch on glass
lemme know pronto b4 i craigs/ebay it


  • $60 bucks? I'm in.
  • i've got a barely used 8 gb ipod touch i'd like to move as well. Alan should get first dibs on any buyers, but keep me in mind y'all.
  • alan, did you ebay that?
  • Did I bid too low and not win?
  • Well, I want to buy an ipod touch. If anyone sells theirs in the future, name your price! I'm willing to pay more than $60.
  • somebody already swooped in and acquired my ipod in a deft behind-the-scenes move.

    maybe mr. frogtor was just kidding when he said he wanted to sell his?
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