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What can't be turned into nachos?

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Nachos commonly consist of a bed/pile of tortilla chips topped with cheese and veggies/beans/meat.

Nacho tots (aka Totchos) replace the tortilla chips with tater tots.

There's a place in Atlanta (technically Decatur) that serves "French nachos" wherein the base consists of waffle-cut fries.

Is it possible to make 'zachos (pizza base)?

What about chachos (potato chip base)?

I think a scientific study is needed to identify and rate the feasibility of potential new nacho bases.


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    Frachos? Like hot and spicy fruit! Carribe!
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    Would 'zachos be tortilla chips with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, or pizza with cheddar and jalapeños and stuff? If the latter, would the pizza slices be piled up like tortilla chips in regular nachos?

    There's a hippie version of nachos at Blossoming Lotus called Live Nachos:
    "spiced tomato & walnut chips, seasonal squash nacho cheese and taco crumbles, topped with onion, tomato, cilantro, scallion, cashew sour cream and avocado goddess sauce, served with a lime wedge"

    Like most hippie versions, they don't hold up to real nachos, and the name should be changed so they don't suffer from the comparison.
  • I used to make hippie french toast in a restaurant that catered to hippies. It was two pieces of French Toast cemented by tahini and sometimes a banana.

    It was good. No, really!
  • I had nacho pizza at the Pelican brewery.
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  • What if you froze some sort of beverage to make "chips"? ICE NACHOS?
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    silver linings
  • Part of the essence of a nacho is a salty, carbohydrate-based food (eg. corn, potatoes, etc.) combined with a gooey topping (eg. melted cheese).

    Where the lines begin to blur is the texture of the base. Traditionally, the tortilla chip is crispy, which provides contrast to the texture of the cheese and other toppings. But in nacho tots, the tater tots do not provide that same level of contrast. I think nacho tots (and their brethren cheese fries) are in the same family as nachos, but are a separate genus -- definitely a different species.

    The idea of frozen nachos (Nacho pops?) is worthy of further exploration.
  • I went on a nacho journey recently:

    The unconventional bases did not really work for me.
  • whoa, Zabriski Point, this is so weird, because right before I came to uhx and saw your user name I was looking at our Netflix and saw that we had "Zabriskie Point," and I announced to my old man, "Ah, Zabriskie Point, starring Grace Zabriskie from Twin Peaks."

  • I'll tell you what can't be turned into nachos.

  • I don't think you can make nachos out of a blue raspberry slurpee.
  • What if you used dried banana chips as a base for your blue raspberry slurpee? Fruitchos?
  • After my nacho quest I had a really phenomenal idea for a nacho dish that I'm reluctant to share with the general public because I think I can probably make millions of dollars with it if I open a restaurant in Portland.

    Leland Bob: we're soul mates, obviously.
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    dollar signs
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