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Garlic Sandwich

edited February 2011
I'm sick. Sick people need to eat raw garlic.
Usually I do a garlic shooter, with the lime juice and the cayenne.
But today I'm returning to an old fave: GARLIC SANDWICH.

Clove of crushed garlic
Soy sauce


What do you guys think about this? Pretty cool right

What are other ways to get raw garlic in you?


  • That looks good!

    I'm just thinking out loud here, but what about, like three heaping tablespoons, straight from the big jar of minced garlic, heated in a small pan of butter or marg or olive oil, salt, pepper, maybe 1 or two plops of salsa, and/or a dash of sriracha, just warmed and made slightly golden, scooped up onto a cracker or crust of good bread?
  • you can try making juice with raw garlic if you have a juicer.

    i would also like to recommend that you add raw ginger to your efforts to fight off the sickness. just get a root of raw ginger and cut little chunks off and chew it up! it's a pretty intense experience, but i swear you can feel the bad germs fleeing away.
  • Mashed potatoes loaded with raw garlic.

    Also, my newest sickness defense is lots of sauna.
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