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Museum Of Modern Art (the real one, in NYC)

edited March 2011
You guys!

Did you know that at the end of this month, Matt's feature film is going to be screened at MoMA!!?? I think this is just about the most amazing art-career-milestone EVER (although technically, he's shown at MoMA before, whatevs, no big deal).


Also, the film was picked up by a distributor, and is getting released theatrically (after the MoMA screening)!! See it at the Hollywood on the 25th!

Also, you know, he's got an awesome solo show up at the Liz Leach Gallery right now (my very favorite of his projects). You should check it out, and when you do, ask the fine folks at the gallery to start the film at the beginning for you. It is touching and beautiful! The WWeek thinks so too!

What a great month for this guy.


  • *AND*

    I just reset his password on his blog.

    Just sayin', shit is getting BIG.

    (his show at Liz Leech is rad!)
  • This is so cool and exciting and wonderful!
  • I am looking forward to seeing this film!
  • Yay, I've been interested in seeing this movie ever since last year, and I was wondering what the deal was. Good news.
  • Sounds Great, but Whose museum is for Momo the Cat?

    And Why are they showing Films to a Cat?!????!!

    Best wishes,
  • Gary always asks the questions I'm too embarrassed to ask!

    Thanks Gary
  • ah geez, thanks uhx friends! it is true, there are some exciting things happening right now. if you aren't arleady, you should become facebook freinds with the movie!
    ( )
    also, it is already listed on netfilx, so please put it in your queue! (this will help convince netflix that they should buy a bunch of the DVDs)

    and to answer Gary's question- the history of Cats and Cinema is a long and complicated one...

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