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Many of us received a terrible email this morning (or last night) from Steve saying that our good sweet friend Grunty had passed away. I am so shocked by this news, as Grunty was so robust and full of life. It hadn't occurred to me to worry about him dying for years yet, and I'm sure Steve felt the same way.

I love Grunty so much. I thought we could talk about Grunty here.

I remember when Grunty came home from the animal shelter. He was a skinny ol' wide-eyed guy very interested in the whole world, and obviously very devoted to Steve who had rescued him. He lived at Rip City and did many funny things there. He always wanted to be friends with everybody, and almost everybody (not Whiskers) accepted the friendship he offered and we were all made better people by it. I always love to go to Steve's house and see Grunty hanging out there, working on his projects and doing his business out in the yard. There is nothing so pretty as Grunty in the grass in the sun. I remember when somebody wrote "Grunty's House" on a cardboard box and we were all like "he's not gonna go in there just because you put his name on it" but then he DID. And that box was there for years and he lived in it. I loved that.

Steve was such a good friend to Grunty and vice versa. Those two were such an amazing crew that I really found lovely to the eye.

keyword search Grunty on flickr for some nice memories...we have all taken so many nice pictures of that guy! He has been such a focal point for our lives and such a cool presence in so many of our activities. I wish I were in Portland to be with Steve right now. I will miss Grunty, I know we all will.



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    On MANY occasions have I spent an uncomfortable amount of time showing relative strangers photos of Grunty on the Internet. What a photogenic guy he was! Always making a face for the camera. Someone should find that picture of him freaking out at a pizza slice, it's a classic favorite.

    Once my band included Grunty in its live show, a huge Grunty dancing in a video projection: arguably the segment was more popular than almost anything we've ever done.

    He was so nice and hardly looked like a cat sometimes. More like a little piggy-face or an alien. His nice stocky body, he was a real man. His voice was so cute and gruff. I used to call him Harunté and treated him like the spiritual man he was.



  • Here it is, credit to Sally Meadows for the greatest photo ever snapped, I still don't get how she did it:


    I have showed so many people this photo. I also sent it to a veterinarian I know who then showed it to her whole office.

    I have many friends like you Chuck who don't know any of you people but who know Grunty and ask about him. He was a true character and was beloved all across the nation. What an amazing guy.

  • One of the first dudes to greet me when I moved to Portland was Grunty. He made the best noise if you squeezed him. He knew what you meant when you said "come to your spot."

    I always appreciated his confidence and kindness. King of the block for sure. I was always curious about the people Grunty knew and what his "outside" life must have been like. He gave me the courage to let my Ginny be an outdoor cat sometimes.

    I'll never forget the day Grunty came to my house to wish me and my friend good tidings. He was so well-behaved!

  • Today is a sad day indeed- a national day of mourning. Grunty had more personality than any feline I have known. He was beloved by all who knew him and who were blessed by his Nudge or Nestle.
    I had the great honor of spending time with Grunty last week while Steve was away. Each day he scolded me for being away so long but then snuggled up with me anyway.
    Grunty Ball
    I love that man so truly.
  • Thanks, guys.

    He was a really good man.

    Now who's gonna pee on my stuff?

    He was super extra loving and in my face in the day or so since I returned from a trip. Maybe he knew his time was coming? I didn't know.

  • It's so weird to think of no Grunty. :( Makes me really sad.

    The spirit animal of Urban Honking. I also thought his face was strangely human. He seemed like he understood more than a cat should.
  • He did have a human's face.

    Steve, I will be more than happy to pee on your stuff the next time I visit you.
    I know it won't be the same, but I will try.

  • Dear Steve,
    I was so sorry to hear about your cat. I think I only met him in the flesh once a long long time ago. But I was a big fan of his on the internet.
    He was the most beautiful cat.
    For real.
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    This is the lovely man we loved- sunning himself delicately, gracefully, and in a pile of dead leaves.

    His face!
    The way he understood human emotions!
    His wisdom!
    The way he looked at that piece of pizza!

    I'm so sad, it's like losing an actual friend. His legacy will be long...

    And this is the Shaman Harunté, under his dreamcatcher:

  • chats with Grunty!
  • Steve- i am so sorry for your loss. if you hadn't heard, Tess also passed away recently, so i know what you are going through. it's really tough. these little fur balls are like ticking time bombs of heart-break.
  • I love this schmeadows shot of Grunty Paws:
  • his pink paws always destroy me. They are so bubblegum pink! What a nerd, with his little paddy paws
  • Remember this one? Grunty in the tall grass?
    Hidden Spots
  • So sorry to hear this, Steve.

    Grunty was a fine fellow. A golden soul both in feline and humanoid realms.
  • These pictures are so beautiful. I'm going to open my old iphoto tonight, where there is a wealth of Grunty.

    New banner- Grunty mosaic?
    He has such a beautiful face.
  • I never met Grunty in real life, but he seems like such an amazing guy. What a nice record of him here in this thread. My condolences, Steve.
  • Grunty snoozing, us messin' with him
  • two of boatshoes' beauties that I love:
  • Oh, beautiful front page!
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