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Welp, I just cried watching "Young Victoria"

edited March 2011
Who knew?!


  • I didn't cry watching Tron Legacy...
    saw that coming
  • I am pretty sure I also cried during Young Victoria.
    I did not see Tron.
  • i seent both. tron was awesome and young victoria was a propaganda piece.
  • Young Victoria was the movie shown at my sr community today
  • it is always weird to be crying in a movie even when the movie annoys you.
    I hated how she was made a great queen only by men telling her what to do.
    Albert telling her what to do, and her being like "don't tell me what to do!" and then the prime minister being like "you should listen to Albert" and then she's like "ok" and after that she is a great queen.
    What a great tale, that couple! So rare for monarchs to actually like each other. I always knew they had this deep sexual love for one another but I didn't realize how they got together in the first place.
    total propaganda, yet the melodrama still works! "OH ALBERT"
    How she had his clothes laid out every day for the next 40 years after he died??

  • I was moved by the love match... sob sob.
    VERY distracted by that actresses face though, did she get her lips injected?
    She's lovely but so not of that period. Hollywood lovely.
  • Actual Victoria had a lovely face, but was plump and with a receding chin.

    Victoria & Alby!
  • I love that they had the hots for each other!
    And he was like "I'm the Queen's husband, that's cool," like a "First Lady." Helping with the poor! "Can I have my desk in here too?" Pretty sweet.

    I wish he had not died SO MANY YEARS before she did, what an awful story

    I felt the same way about Emily Blunt's face BTW

  • did you notice this shit was directed by the director/creator of.....DOWNTON ABBEY?
  • downton abbey was good. too much entertainment and the characters were easy to love and hate.

    as long as we're on brit shows...have you seen new sherlock? >>>tv shows you should watch thread
  • Yes!! Love Sherlock!
    Also I'm really looking forward to rewatching Gosford Park soon- similar upstairs/downstairs vibe by Robert Altman. I remember LOVING it in the theater.
  • what's new sherlock?
    is it on NETFLIX INSTANT
  • TDN, can I join you for Gosford Park??
  • Too late, Fred! I watched it on Saturday night and fell in love all over again! But we should get our Anglophilia on soon. That is something we have in common. Do you know when Sherlock starts up again? It's so amazing. TEENWOLF: CHECK IT OUT!! I do not know if it's on netflix instant yet but if not order the deeveedees. You will not regret it. Modern. Hot. Aspergers. You will like.
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