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Gimme Fever

edited March 2011
Poor Gary's got a Fever!

I hope he gets Better Soon. He's all burny and so Hot to the Touch!

I gave him Aspirin and told him to "keep it down" (I meant Be Quiet in there I'm trying to Read)

What do you guys do for a fever????
I tend not to mind a fever, it's kind of cozy to be a bit achy and confused and shivery. But then if it gets too high you can DIE


  • take a cold shower, take a tylenol, watch david carradine and chuck norris punch it out on lone wolf mcquade
  • Yeah, I was reading about fevers recently because andy had one. I read some radical stuff that said you really don't ever need to fight it, let it do its thing. It said even really hot fevers are NBD as long as they don't last for a week or something.

    Maybe you should experiment with Gary's brain?
  • Oh yeah, I remember it said that the only way it would get too high is if you had a specific disease (encephalitis or something) that disabled your body's ability to regulate temperature. With a cold / fever, it will never get too high.
  • I thought you were supposed to take tylenol for fever reducing?
  • You're supposed to alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen if you want to reduce, but I saw LET THE MOTHERFUCKER BURN! Kill them virii.
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