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edited March 2011
Thinking of switching to this hippie cell phone company.
They have raised 65 million dollars for shit like Planned Parenthood / 1% of your monthly bill goes to various progressive orgs / they lobby for gun control and environmental shit, etc. etc.
They'll buy out your existing contract
And they currently have this pretty good deal: 1,000 anytime minutes, free nights/weekends, 1,000 text messages, for $59.99 a month. Plus free phone. I don't give much of a shit about phones, but they look fine to me, the free ones.

I currently have "Unlimited Loyalty" with T-Mobile which is unlimited minutes all the time, but only 400 text messages which I am constantly going over. I've been pleased with T-Mobile but now that AT&T is buying them I am feeling like FUCK THAT NOISE, AT&T sucks major donkey balls. Since I don't give a shit about having an iPhone, I should switch, right???????

I've been on t mobile for so long it is weirdly scary to switch. But this is cool right?????? Would be cool to support one fucking company in my fucking life that didn't completely fucking suck.

anybody want to switch with me


  • Azure uses this. I think they lease out part of Sprint's network.
  • My roommate just made the switch. She's pleased so far. Phone seems fine!

    Only "complaint" was she couldn't keep her existing phone number.
  • Wow, that's weird. I thought number portability was protected by law now.
  • I just looked and you CAN keep your number.

    Think I'll do it
  • Really?? She said they were about to charge her a lot for keeping it....
  • You can keep it, but there is always a fee to move it.
  • oh really?
    !! on the website there is just a form you fill didn't say anything about a fee but I didn't look that closely.
    I love my number, never shall I switch
  • "It's a one time fee that you pay annually."
  • Phones are expensive.
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