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how to

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the correct way


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    inb4 "creative burn"
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  • rib stretch! There are some good yoga poses that I think would be good for ribs. But I am not sure, and am not a doctor. If my ribs were sore, I'd do these:

    - eagle, to open up the back muscles (back muscles which tug on the ribs, right?)
    - all kinds of seated twists (sit in a hard chair, take a deep breath, sit up as tall as you can with your shoulders loose and down, then slowly twist from the hips, holding onto a rung on the back of the chair for guidance/strength. Twist from hips, then chest, then shoulders, then finally head. DEEP TWIST BUT SLOW. Slowly release and do other side)
    - I feel like some cat/cow series wouldn't hurt (google this one)
    - maybe bridge?
    - even just a gentle mountain pose, to open up the back and chest but very mellowly

    there are some deeper torso stretches but if your ribs are actually injured I'd wait on these.

    Rule of thumb with yoga and stretching--a slow burn is fine, but a sharp pain means STOP

    I've got stuff for lower back pain too, if anyone needs it.

    I know about running and yoga and nothing else.


    - what are some good tips for firming up the ol' butt? I have lots of moves I do but the firming never seems to happen.

    - any kind of arm-strengthening tips would be appreciated. I like to work on my arms but beyond down-dog/cobra/handstand I don't have a lot of moves. The weight room is too far away.

    HIT ME

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  • what if a person can't do even a single pullup, and has never been able to, even at her jockiest and buffest, even when facing the loud mockery of her entire school during the presidential fitness testing day in 8th grade?

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  • what is that??
    is it like you carry your iPhone with you and it tracks this stuff??????

    I WANT

    this is the first thing that's ever made me want an iPhone

    if it is an iPhone thing

    is it?
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  • It is. Nike + app.

    There is also the thing you put on or in your shoe. But I haven't tried that.
  • thing you put on your shoe?
    you mean like rockets, right?
    rocket shoes?
  • Similar to rockets.

  • Yeah, iPhone does this! So cool. I use an app called RunKeeper, mostly for bike rides. Here is a bike ride from Christmas Eve:

    You can use it for Runs or Bikes or Hikes or Whatever. Free app.
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  • I have that shoe thing plus another thing that plugs into your ipod to tell you all about your runs- you don't need an iphone. It's called nike+ and I think you will like it. I don't think it maps though. You need an iphone for the maps.
  • GPS

    I'm really into it.
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    extra credit
  • p90x is free on the BTs or use nets.
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  • That's up to you.
  • "Real sweat, real people" - Tony Horton
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