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New Logo for "The Art Factor" Art Space

edited April 2011
Hi Guys!

Here is the New Logo for my Art Space idea called The "Art Factor" Art Factory.

Tell Me what you Think! I chose "Desdemona" font... ;-)


I'll book shows for the Art Factory. Thx!



  • edited April 2011
    The way it reads is allright. Not such a big fan of those black squares though. Maybe try going grey with one of them? It might be the way they are sized too, and that the A in art touches the side of the one. I like that you are trying to break the white space up with them, but those little white line negative spaces (especially the bottom and top ones. Not so much with the middle one.) are just a little too thin to be read as intentional even though I assume they were. Also, maybe try shrinking the "Art Factory" text just a hair? I don't think you would lose the emphasis if the black boxes are still enclosing the text. These may all be bad crits, but just trying to help :)
  • Is the 'F' just for 'Factory?'

  • Yes, the "F" is for "Factor" and/or "Factory" (after Angie Warhol).

    Thx for Your comments, Guys! Keep 'em comin'

    Draft saved at 8:40pm
  • How much does "aliasing" matter to you?
  • edited April 2011
    I think it is A great LOGO (and name!)

    Among my "cyber-friends" (AKA "CONTACTS" ACROSS THE WORLD-WIDE SOCIAL MEDIUM PLATFORMS) we will prob. abbrev. (shorten) the name like this: F.ART.Y to conserve the limited number of text space resources to be consumed (140 Maximum).

  • Great for Tweeting!!


    ha! Thx
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