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Loose Tooth

edited April 2011
I have a loose tooth. I am very excited!



    I hope you get twenty bucks
  • Whoa! I was thinking like 50 cents!

    (By the way, I believe that was somebody's first 'post'.)
  • Dear JAJ,
    My students often write letters to the Tooth Fairy and guess what? She ALWAYS writes back! You can ask her literally any question and she will give you the answer. Start writing a draft now so that it's all ready to go when the tooth falls out!

    A Second Grade Teacher Who Gets a Big Kick Out of Letters To/From the Tooth Fairy
  • Well, I used to get 2 dollars in quarters and THAT was in the EIGHTIES

    I think inflation should make that about 20 bucks


    (in quarters)
  • 20$/quarters in a tubesock is what charles bronson uses for protection/defense in the original deathwish film.
    -could not find an image-
    so yes, toothfairy, give the gift of more toothfairy visits for everyone and give each kid $20 in quarters.
  • You should invest your tooth fairy money in dental industry stocks. Align Technology (ALGN) makes orthodontic systems and is trading just over $20 a share and you can find a lot of related companies.
  • I have a theory that braces (thus orthodontia) was a fad confined almost exclusively to the 80s and 90's and that it will basically never be heard from again, except for those with congenitally horrific and/or life-threatening teeth crookedness.

  • I agree! My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday. Braces are a status symbol more than anything.

    All the kids who had braces then are having kids now. They know from experience that braces (and retainers) are a huge pain with minimal gains. PLUS SO EXPENSIVE.

    My kid is definitely not getting braces unless he needs them for non-cosmetic reasons. Slightly crooked teeth add character. If he really wants his teeth to be absolutely perfect, he can get Invisiline or something when he's an adult.
  • How dreadful for us that we lived through the worst fad ever!

    Not counting those whalebone corsets that had a part that went up inside your hoo-ha to keep your ovaries from collapsing. This may be an old wive's tale though.
  • how did it
    i dont even
    corset braces?

  • When my sister was about seven years old (making me four years old), we spent the night at my parents' friends' house and my sister lost a tooth. The tooth fairy brought her $20!!! This was a practical joke my parents' friends played on my parents, as my sister now expected to get $20 from the tooth fairy for every lost tooth.
  • that is a really good prank.

    Tooth still wobbling...

    Hoping fairy has enough dosh after taxes to afford it when it finally falls.

    Might try holding it in mechanically until after payday.

    Hoping for another report from JAJ soon.

    x DrJ (fairy boss)
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