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Cloud Cap Games

edited April 2011
Hey ya'll. Have you ever been to Cloud Cap Games in Sellwood??

I recently played a REALLY FUN new game -- SPOT IT, and it came from this place.
Apparently on Wednesday nights starting at 6 PM they have "game night" where they have all tons of games set up for visitors to play and test and fall in love with.

I'm going to check it out this week! I wanted to extend the invitation. Here's their info:


  • I just played a game with my family called Time's Up that was really fun. It was a mix of like Password/$20,000 Pyramid/Charades/Memory. Fun with a group of people.
    You are trying to make your partner/teammates guess a famous name/character. You use the same pile of 40 names for 3 rounds so remembering the names becomes important.

  • Are you still out of town? Do you want to go to game night?
  • I'm back! Been back for all of 3 days!
    Yet, I'm leaving town tonight. For a month.
    I barely live here anymore.
    FREEDOM SPRING! If not now, when?
  • Get out while it's still raining!

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