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edited April 2011
This was a longer post with me sharing something I was apparently not supposed to share.


  • edited April 2011
    more of me talking too much was here.

    see below
  • edited April 2011
    I'm allowed to share this blog post that has a song in it:

    summary of everything I said before:
    Super proud of my friend from back home.
    His new album caught me off guard and blew me away
    He asked me to re-design his album art for this thing
    Super cool I got a chance to hear this whole album

    Wish you guys could hear it too, but I got in trouble (not really but sort of) for spreading this link for it that was apparently for my eyes and ears only, and that is why this thread is super confusing now. He is not really big on giving albums out or selling on the internet. He's just a give it away for free at shows kinda dude. He did say he'll probably put it up after he runs out of physical copies so maybe I'll re-preach it at you guys then.
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