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Looking for Participants for PDX project

edited April 2011
Two Pittsburgh artists seek pairs or groups of Portland locals to participate in city-wide art project, We Were Here. On Sunday, May 15, the pairs will share a dance in the location where they first met, with musical accompaniment, while sharing the story of their relationship with the public.

If you have an interesting story about meeting a parent/child, friend, spouse, landlord, or just about anyone who’s had a great impact on you, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us at for more information.

We Were Here is a project of Dawn Weleski ( and and M. Callen ( and will take place during the Open Engagement Symposium (, a symposium of socially engaged art work, May 13-15.


  • We're still looking for participants... Do you love your boss/employees? Kids? Neighbors? Share a dance!
  • Feels like there is a pretty big hurdle to this request in that it's very outside people's comfort zone. I might have have an interesting story, but the idea of performing that via a dance in public with strangers is pretty intimidating!

    Why not ask people to share their stories and then have Dawn and M. Callen (or professional dancers) do the dancing?

    (another hurdle is that during open engagement there are a LOT of requests for volunteers!)
  • im telling my story about data entry at a call center and having the fine women of sassy's interpolate movement into the testimony.

    mayb we should sell tix this time
  • I agree that I would be hesitant to engage in this project, as it seems most suitable for actors/dancers/exhibitionists, rather than "normal folk"? But I wish you the best of luck!
  • I am currently single but I would be down for a "fuck dance" performance in my "bed" with musical accompaniment. We'll need to find a healthy, attractive partner for my performance.
  • It will be 3 minutes long.
  • Alex, PM me.
  • Get out of here ya rascals
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