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D. Rose

edited April 2011
I'll admit to being a bit of a fair weather fan here, but I loved the Bulls when I was a kid so I've tried to learn and watch a bit near the end of this season because I heard the Bulls were super good again.

I'm really digging the D. Rose. He's so little and fast and acrobatic and smart and has an incredible jumping ability!

I hear the Blazers have a fairly good chance of taking the Mavericks?


  • You are correct on all counts!
  • edited April 2011
    He is also incredibly humble which is cool. The Pacers kind of threw him off for a sec tonight with that weird double trap blitz thing. Didn't work for long though.

    I kinda want to do a little zine that is just a bunch of illustrations of D Rose. This sounds like an awesome idea to me.
  • I love how much the video guy breathes. Huh. HUH. HUH HUH.

    D Rose is great! The first round of the NBA Playoffs this year is double super great! This weekend was the best weekend of basketball I've seen in my life! I think. You've got good timing in getting on board now.
  • edited April 2011
    I took a break from homework and flipped through the channels and saw it was the 4th quarter of the Blazers game so I thought I'd watch it and...pretty cool
  • Life changing.
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