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Those At Work

edited April 2011
I am at my job.
After 6 years of grad school I immediately went back to the kind of job I had before grad school.
Windowless gray cubicle
shavin' my pits

Here is a thread for those of us who are AT WORK. It's like facebook but with fewer republicans.
Probably no one else even is at work.
Or if you are, you are probably going to be that asshole who's like "I work from home! Doing something artsy fartsy and great! And/or for myself only!" In which case, great for you and also nuts to you!!!!!




  • Well, hi there, fellow work denizen! As usual, I'm the second one here, which means I didn't even have to make my own coffee. Now that I have to be an early riser, I really enjoy the quiet early hours in the office. I have actual windows and a shared office, but OTOH they are doing streetcar installation outside of my office, so the horrible shrieking sawcutting will start soon. It's an invigorating way to start your day.

    We should "chat." AIM: jessicafreddy
  • I am also at work. I have my own office on the 2nd floor of the building. It needs to be organized a bit better. I have a window, though. I also have 9 plants in here and a banana I did not eat yesterday.

    Do not drink the coffee @ this place -- it's bitter and watery. I warned you. Bring your own.

    Good morning!
  • i am at work. i rode my bike today. some a-hole cut me off on broadway. for those who need to know: broadway and weidler are like the wild west (east side?) of morning and afternoon commutes. it was, however, not raining and cool so i'm not marathon sweaty or anything.

    coffee break is at 930
    i have a view of portland downtown from my office located in n portland
    i could really go for a sandwich right now, my bowl of cereal was burned off on the commute.
  • I am at work.
    Normally I would not have even a moment to write that here as I would be busy explaining puns to 8 year olds in my classroom but for the past month my student teacher has been in charge and I've been banished to the office. The first 3 weeks were great- I organized my teaching materials, wrote up new lesson plans and enjoyed being privy to all the action in the office (sooo many kids need ice and bandaids all day long.) But now I'm antsy to get back into my classroom and teach sumthin.

    OTOH it's cool to be able to actually LEAVE THE SCHOOL during the day to get a coffee or pick up a Subway sandwich. Also I can go to the bathroom whenever I want! 20 year old me would not have considered these perks, and yet here I am...
  • I'm "at work" at home waiting to do a skype call. But I will probably go to "the office" to work. My pits are not shaved though.
  • LOL at the thought of TDN's kids coming home from school and revealing that they have only learned puns.
  • how/why do you shave pits at work

    seems like homework atmo
  • I am at work but I stayed up until 3am last night with Rob's Walmart and then there was no hot water pressure this morning. So I'm totally not on my "A" game.

    Still, I've got coffee and I'm doing a'ight.

    I work Tues/Wed/Thurs for a software company downtown and then the rest of the time I do freelance projects and work on "stuff" with my "friends." Not bad.
  • I am at work.
    Waiting for people to buy things and also for the mail to come, which heralds the most exciting part of my day.
  • So many of you are at work! I feel less alone.
    I work M/T/W then have a four day weekend every week. My kind of work week!
    today I am in better spirits because my supervisor brought me flowers; I was finally given a task to do; and there was cake in the breakroom. Although I did not eat or want the cake, I was glad it was there as I felt it showed some festive spirits and gentility. Drinking some badass green tea.

    I meant "shavin my pits" more generally, in that I shave them at home but do so primarily due to having a job, when under normal circumstances I would let that shit go for weeks and/or months, given my druthers.

    I don't know how to do AIM here! But there is g-chat if ever a person is on there.

    Things that are good about having a job:
    - money

    Things that are bad abut having a job:
    - having to shower in the morning instead of after exercising in the afternoon like a normal human
    - my three years of totally un-structured Free Time coming to an end! I hate it! I was not meant to live on someone else's schedule
    - the actual work

  • MTW seems like an awesome schedule

    im not jelly but i totally could deal with 3x13.3s
  • right now I'm working 3x8s

    but when I was a half-assed bike messenger I worked 3x13 and it FUCKING RULED. Entire 40 hour work week in 3 days! I just checked out of life for 3 days, working dawn 'til late, then had a rad 4 days off in a row, week after week. It was fucking awesome.

    This is even better, because it's only 3 eights in a row!

    Love doing all my shit in a row. Love getting it all done as quickly as possible, get on with my real life.

    No M/W/F for me, thanks


  • I am at work, and I also didn't shave my pits. Does that increase productivity? Maybe I'll try it...
  • It is like swimmers shaving for speed.
  • image

    I made this handy chart so you can understand where the week goes.
  • this is why i want to get a job in my field so bad!
    because a job in my field would just feel like "my life" was EVERYTHING!
    instead of "work" and "my life" being separate.
    This is my main goal before I die.
    Can be accomplished! I'm so close I can taste it, yet so far
    so sweet yet so sour
    oh please

  • p.s. I too like the idea of 8 year olds learning only puns.

    it's an experimental academy! like suzuki except for words
  • p.s. my boss is rad, she is nice, she wanted me to eat cake.
    makes all the difference!!!

  • I got really soaked on my way to the office. It wasn't raining, but then it was pouring.
  • I am the boss... of my private desktop printer.
  • OT: searching for an awesome who's the boss tshirt, i found this gem:

    i think the real question is who would buy this shirt
    that typeface is lousy
  • edited April 2011
    oh god, GARY would buy that.
    not in spite of but BECAUSE OF the typeface!
    and the eerie lack of final punctuation
  • She killed him before he could mark... the period.
  • I'm at work.
    I work from home, mostly.
    Or, sometimes, I have meetings at other people's work.
    Also, there are meetings that happen on the phone. I cannot understand them.
    Sometimes there are no meetings and I'm shooting something, and that's real fun.

    I like working from home.
    Sometimes I wish I had an office elsewhere.
    But I like having coffee and my cat.
    And sometimes the tamale lady comes, and that is cool.
  • edited April 2011
    I often envy having an office. I have been working from home for (already) eleven years of my short life. Discipline is an art I haven't totally mastered yet. The few times I have worked in a shared setting have been very refreshing and productive. Other people working around me is inspiring.
    Working from home means a lot of people (including myself) sometimes expect me to have a lot of free time. And sticking to a schedule when it's not official can be hard.
    I have considered getting an office of some kind. But I also see so many advantages in working from home. Sometimes as I brush my teeth and get ready for bed I'll have an idea and it is very luxurious to sit down and execute that idea right on the spot.
    Plus, someone needs to stir the pot where dinner is cooking and get the laundry going otherwise we won't have anything to eat or wear.
    Today, I took a ferry and went to the island next door to work at a very nice lady's studio. We chat and and work on separate projects, it always feels amazingly focused. No one can find me there. No one can even call me. I should get an office on the island next door.
  • I go to work, every day of the work week. I was working so hard at work that I didn't even see this post!

    I am missing my jobs with flexible schedules right about now... and my poor, sad desk at home isn't getting much from me.

    Work is hard.
    I have one plant on my desk.
    I have a very fancy water bottle canteen on my desk.
    I get spatially confused because my work laptop is on the right of the monitor, and my home laptop sits on the left.

    The worst part about WORK is WORK CLOTHES, am i right?
  • edited April 2011
    I am a life long student.
    Sorta a job
    Someday it will be over, but I also hate living on someone else's schedule. Even though school has pretty much become the entire schedule. Like all school...all the neVER STOPS....AAAAAAGGGHHH!!
    But I kinda like how challenging school is (sometimes) and how it's more my responsibility and getting fired comes in the passive aggressive form of bad grades.

    Also I have a sweet library job. I just got all 6 1/2 Harry Potter movies from Inter Library Loan! Fuck the haters.

    Gtalk is where I get to know people anymore. Kinda sad to me, but I'm always there. The problem with being my gtalk pal is all I will do is make you look at my school work, make horrible jokes, share work inappropriate pictures, and complain.

    I guess that's what I do in real life too...

    plus drinking.
  • I kinda wish I had a girlfriend who wanted to smoke some grass and watch some Harry Potter right now
  • actually I feel like that all the time
  • yeah, I too am somewhat of a lifelong student and while school/grad school/teaching eats up WAAAYYY more of my time than a traditional 9-5 office job, it somehow feels different, because it's who I am and what I enjoy and am interested in. So grading papers until midnight somehow doesn't feel like "crap I gotta do my stupid job." It feels like WHO I AM. It's beautiful.

    Agree that work clothes are the worst. THE WORST. I have like maybe 2 appropriate outfits and I try to recycle them. then randomly I'll try to go whole hog and like today I'm wearing these ludicrously high heels, and I'm not used to them, and my feet are killing me and I've only been at work for 10 minutes.

    It's really hard to dress like a lady, for me. Heels are baffling, I get all confused about if you can wear brown with black, etc. I end up looking frumpy.

    I like academic dressing where you can be a bit eccentric, also wear jeans. Unless you're teaching at, I don't know, Harvard or something. Actually who knows what those people do?!

    I like working from home and am good at scheduling my own time (grad school is basically impossible if you're not) but I LONG for my own office. I've never had one. I want a room with a door I can close that is MINE, and that is not at some temp job where I work but that is my office where I WRITE MY BOOK and stuff. \

  • p.s. Smelly, it's so true that the 5-day work-week is really really hard for some people, like me. I find it CRUSHING to have to go to work 5 days a week, at any job aside from academia. Or possibly "Professional Pizza Taster and Dog Player-With."

    This is something I've been thinking about a lot. There are always those people in your office who have worked there for 20 years and seem perfectly content. HOW CAN THIS BE. Why are some people so content to go to the same cubicle in the same office and do the same job, for the vast majority of their week, week after week? And some people HATE IT SO MUCH. Not out of laziness at all! I am not lazy! When I love/care about the job I'm doing I will do it absolutely to the max. Crying on the bus home when a class I teach goes poorly, etc. etc. It's more of a deep ennui. But why do some have that ennui and others don't?

  • I've worked a 9-5 job for about 6 years of my life. (2002-2006 at a graphic design company in Anacortes and 2007-2009 in London). I've been freelancing/contracting for about a year and a half in Portland, 50% part-time and 50% full-time. I've never had to wear work clothes except when I've had fancy meetings with the head of Global Communications for Heineken or HSBC or whatever. But that's the nature of the Internet/design job.

    I much prefer contracting part-time (3 days a week) and then utilizing those other days to be super productive on personal projects and working on ideas with my friends. Working the traditional 9-5 really takes a lot of energy, so you don't have much time to take on other (more interesting) projects, or go skateboarding, or go to the gym, or do laundry, or party, etc. I don't really understand how people do the same thing for 10 years. I guess they must really love it, or they are scared of losing their job, so perhaps it's a security/comfort thing? If you have a family, that's probably a consideration too - you gotta buy diapers and clothes and put food on the table, etc.

    Right now I'm probably working 40-50 hours a week on different things but it doesn't FEEL that way because my projects are quite diverse right now. I also go out and do A LOT of social things, which usually makes life fun for me. But I picked a thing (making websites) which allows for a decent amount of work flexibility with a relatively high return rate in terms of income.
  • Something I don't talk about a lot: I am in grad school for counseling psych. And I recently convinced my advisors to let me squish in all my coursework so I can finish a year early, which means I started my "practicum" this term and I consider this "work," even though I'm paying to do it, because it is exactly (or somewhat) like what I will possibly be doing once I am no longer a student.

    So my "work" now consists of the CRAZIEST things! Listening to people talk about their stupid boyfriend, their mean dad, the arguments they get in with their spouses. Trying to figure out how to help the girl who can't stop hurting herself in weird ways over and over again, every day. Scrutinizing "non verbal behavior" and analyzing everything that comes out of my mouth during a session to determine whether or not it was helpful and in line with "treatment goals." Watching myself on camera (because my sessions are being FILMED -- and watched by supervisors through one-way glass, ah!).

    A major factor in my decision to enter this line of work/study was the potential to work my own schedule, be my own boss, etc. I do not enjoy the slave-like feeling of the 9-5 job. But then, I've never had an awesome job. Maybe that would be different.

    Every time I head out for "work" Matt laughs and says, "Here you are looking all professional again!" Sometimes I even wear earrings to the clinic. Weird.

  • edited April 2011
    that is awesome. Awesome job.
    cool arty job: awesome job
    counselor: awesome job
    teacher: awesome job

    when I was still in coursework AND teaching I would work insane hours. Like 9 a.m. to midnight, non-stop. Grading, reading, writing papers and diss prospectus, lesson planning, etc. etc. And it never, never felt like "work." I never had that Sunday Evening Sinking Feeling. There is no way I could put in a thirteen hour day in some random office.

    I think people who work for 10 years in some random office either love it for reasons I can't understand (because they love stability and sameness? Or maybe grew up super underprivileged/starving and now are stoked to wear heels and have their own cubicle? I mean, fair enough), OR they just haven't even thought about anything else being "work." You know? Like that's just what a job is, and you have to have a job, so here's your job, and great! Or like, I also think there are lots of people in the world who don't have "personal projects." Everyone here has personal projects, but I think there are people who don't. Who just have their job, and then like drinks with friends, dinner, going to the movies, I don't know. Raising children--which is a project that probably they feel more strongly about than their job, to be fair. But other than that, I think these must be people who don't have PROJECTS. Tasks independent of their job that they want to accomplish, that are intrinsic to their self-identity or their idea of contributing to the world or something. Or if they do, they don't think of them this way--as legitimate tasks/goals that need to be worked toward in order to ensure quality of life. That's the only way I can make sense of how you would not claw your eyeballs out going to some random fucking office for 40 hours a week for your entire life. Coding reports, filling out excel spreadsheets, jesus. Making fucking copies.
  • edited April 2011
    I have never had a 9 to 5 job. It's one of those things that is part of most people's life experience but not my own. Sort of like knowing how to drive or having a cellphone (I don't know how to drive and I have never had a cellphone). It makes me feel like an eternal child who doesn't know how the real world works.
    I grew up with two accountants who worked 9 to 5 jobs and would smoke and drink wine and talk about accounting to each other in the living room after dinner. I think it had a big effect on me and what I didn't want to do with my life.
    I think 9 to 5 jobs are safety (like what Alex said) to a lot of people, especially those with children and mortgages. I think it's a fairly new development to question this traditional type of work week. It makes sense in so many ways, get your kids ready for school, go to work, the school day is over, come home. Your days off are the exact same ones as the rest of the world. It must be reassuring and very convenient to some people.
    I think the greatest perk of working at home/having your own schedule is that freedom to break away from the crowds and enjoy the space left behind by the 9 to 5 workforce. Some places turn really really quiet.
    Some day I will probably have to get a "real job" and a car and a cellphone. Hopefully when those things come around I will be able to view them as entertaining challenges and not be stuck in an office for ten or twenty years.
    I don't think I can wear heels. I might fall down.

  • TeenWolf, we've has this conversation before (in Australia).
    You don't have to wear heels if you don't want to!
    Who do you work for, Playboy magazine?
    Don't fuck up your back and feet because of a dumb job.
    Wear sensible shoes!
  • In elementary school I gave a speech at an assembly thing when all the parents were there about how I wanted to be a professional ice cream taster because I had seen a thing on pbs about them and how they have a golden spoon to taste ice cream with.
  • ...and now you work at Hotdog-on-a-Stick!
  • I don't have to wear heels though.
  • I'm not at all envious of people who work in an office. I started working from home over four years ago, and I never want to go back. Commuting just seems like such a waste of time, and leads to major aggravation when you have to deal with people all the time. I feel so much more relaxed being in my own zone with my wife and animal friends. I try to go out an socialize enough so that I don't become a total hermit who is unable to have conversations.
  • I would enjoy working from home more if I had a room that was mine, instead of just shoving my desk into a corner of the living room. It sucks having my piled-up desk right there even when I'm trying to relax at night, and it sucks working cheek-to-jowl with Gary, even though we are really good companions in that regard. Also I get distracted by everything being all glommed together--my work stuff with my life stuff. Like I'm editing a chapter but then suddenly I'm in the kitchen feeding my sourdough starter. I mean, it's fine, but HOW I LONG for a clean dedicated space that belongs just to me, that can be organized SOLELY for the achievement of my project goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i worked a 9-5 for a really big corporation and made lots of $$$ but i hated my job so i partied/irresponsibly spent it away when i was off work. now i work a 8-5 for a (much much) smaller company and make less $$ but it's in a field i want to work with but i only kind of dislike it. it's mostly micromanaging. in the big company i could just disappear and end up 2 lines on an excel sheet, here i have lots and lots of attention paid to my work. good, but not good. working from home would be awesome, but i would probably start disliking my job.

    i have an overshirt so my clothes dont get dusty/dirty. like a dark lab coat. i wear it every day. that and 501s. if anyone says something negative about 501s then i want to inspect your birth certificate because that is an unamerican statement. that said, my work clothes are rad. i wear cycling/fred gear on my commute but then it's the levis x tshirt collabo. if im feeling confident i'll wear a collar. if im feeling like i want to get made fun of, i'll wear a bow tie. im like 'haters gonna gate' and they be like 'u mad'
  • edited April 2011
    Please give pictionary evidence of "501s." Do you just mean jeans??? I want to be american proud!

    I've just been traumatized by several "dress code" talking-tos at previous jobs, i.e. people informing me that my footwear is not appropriate, or informing me pointedly that "we like to dress 'business casual' here......" leaving it dangling, like making sure I now know I am not dressed business-casual, etc. So now I am scarred and constantly uptight about not being dressed right.

    This probably happens more to women than to men. Ha ha "probably"!!!

    I know a girl whose boss reprimanded her so many times for her clothing at work that finally she (the boss) came in one day WITH CLOTHES SHE HAD BOUGHT MY FRIEND, and told her to put them on in the bathroom, and my friend cried.
  • That is such a horrible story! Except that part of me wishes someone else (even a boss) would just buy my clothes for me because I obviously have no idea what's appropriate to wear anywhere.
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