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  • Stories for our grandchildren, eh?
  • disheartening but not surprising.

    one of my first days on the job at Borders my boss took me downstairs, led me to a ton of carts of books and instructed me to "rip off the covers, then tear the book in half and throw it all away". i laughed because i thought it was a joke. not a joke. we did this daily.
  • so fucking disgusting.
    the logical extension of capitalism! GREAT
  • same with stores throwing out perfectly good food but then LOCKING their dumpsters so homeless people can't eat it. NO! it must go to a landfill or else SOMEONE IS GETTING SOMETHING SOMEBODY ELSE HAD TO PAY FOR!!!!!
  • POURING BLEACH ON UNEATEN FOOD so no homeless people can eat it GAHHHHHHH
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