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Moving to Portland

edited May 2011
So it's looking like maybe 90% that Gary and I are moving to Portland on August 1st. We will live there for one year, unless I don't get a job, at which point "one year" will become "indefinitely or at least one additional year."
I am excited! Hopefully some of you will hang out with us just like Old Times. We will let you throw our dog's disgusting tennis ball.

The thing is, holy shit! Craigslist is soul-sucking. There is nothing. NOTHING! Since I moved away, has there emerged some new secret cooler apartment website in Portland? Because everything on Craigslist is in apartment complexes on like 173rd and Halsey or whatever.

Do you think this is just because I checked the "dog" box? Are we doomed to live on 173rd and Halsey just because of our nice stinky friend? Serious advice is needed.

Also, we would really appreciate y'all people keeping y'all's eyes peeled for something vaguely within the following parameters:
- under $850
- 2 bedroom would obviously be great but location is more important than that extra bedroom
- somewhere cool (close-in, in any quadrant, really)
- dogs allowed
- outside space of some sort? Even just a wee patio for an herb planter?
- not next to a frat house filled with horrible screaming 18 year olds. "Been there done that" IOWA REFERENCE

Where are all the wee guesthouses? Where have all the flowers gone?

Can anyone help us please. Advice on where to even look for apartments would be much appreciated. Where does cool stuff get posted? Because either LITERALLY NO COOL PLACE allows dogs, or there are no cool places on craigslist. Or it's possible $850 has somehow become an unreasonable amount to pay even for a one bedroom, in pdx? Is this possible? Holy shit I don't even have a job


  • These guys have been great so far
    and the apartment I am living in is probably the nicest I've ever lived in. It's pretty reasonably priced. The couple of problems I've had were promptly fixed. I recommend Peg and Larry specifically as far as their reps go. Peg is about the sweetest lady ever.
  • AHHH! Move into my apartment building. I think there is an opening? I will ask the landlord tomorrow. I think dogs are allowed with a pet deposit? I pay $700 for a one bedroom. There are bigger places for $800 a month in the same building. I am at 13th and Tillamook, near the Lloyd Center. It is quiet and nice.

    Jason Wall also lives here.

    I will keep my ears and eyes open for you guys if there's nothing open in my place, though! Exciting news!
  • I have heard that the dog thing is really tough in Portland these days. Sorry to say it, but I know several people who have mentioned it. Seems like probably a house with a landlord who is a person might be a better bet than an apartment with a property manager?

    I seriously wish I knew of something, preferably really near to ME! I will keep my eyes and ears out.
  • edited May 2011
    p.s. What about this one? $849, 1 BDR, park blocks downtown, dogs OK, roof garden. On Saturdays, you would basically be living at the farmer's market! And you can't get better transportation options than living downtown...
  • Patience is the #1 thing, Being good at repetitive tasks is #2, and getting Willow on your team is #3.

    A cool place will be found.
  • I am stoked! Alex, your building sounds cool. That downtown one sounds very cool, if slightly spendy--I HAVE NO JOB WHATSOEVER AS OF YET!

    Which reminds me: keep your eyes peeled for a JOBSKI for me as well! I'll do pretty much anything that pays a living wage (BJs excluded).

    I understand about the dog issue. I am a sort of paradoxical dog owner, in that all my life I have hated living near dogs because they bark all day and drive me bats. I understand why dogs would not be allowed by a landlord. My dog does not bark all day but I can't expect people to just believe that, or to just allow dogs in the forlorn optimistic hope that they won't bark all day. Most dogs do bark all day, because most dog owners are shit-heads. THERE I SAID IT

    You guys are already helping me so much! With ideas but also with moral support. I can't wait to live near you all again!

  • And we can't wait till you both are living in Portland again!
  • FYI, Teen Wolf *will* do BJs, just *not for cash*...
  • right, that's what I meant. Thanks Gare!
  • I am asking around extensively, and there is consensus that you cannot find a 2-bedroom in close-in Portland for $850. So, you might want to resign yourself for a 1-bdr...
  • Yeah, housing in Portland is tricky business these days. We looked for nearly 5 months straight before finding a two bedroom house, and we still pay 400 bucks more than your rent requirement.... that said: YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING.
    That link Alex sent looks really solid, and is probably already taken, but you should follow up instantly on anything that looks good, since nice spots get snatched up right quick - like. I think craigslist is still the way to go -- be selective about what you check out though, I like filtering out places with no pictures so you don't end up going to a million places only to find out how crummy they are in person. And as Steve said, check every day, multiple times a day. Also, if you need temporary living while you find a more permanent place there seem to be many great options out there.
  • 1 bedroom is acceptable, for sure. Better that than living in BFE.
    this is great!
    I will look every day, but of course things won't be listed for august just yet. Still, it is good practice.
  • After having recently moved to Portland and gone through this, the only way to find a place is to be on craigslist constantly. craigslist makes me want to die. One time a place got snatched the same day we saw it after we asked for an afternoon to decide. Vicious. But also it is way easier to find a place here than in LA.
  • Our landlords are call and they've been pretty good. I think our neighbor has a small dog.
  • yeah, it's way competitive. We got our place out of 11 people who had submitted applications and had been approved.
  • I am on your team.
  • Job idea: I have learned that PSU has a "University Studies" department which virtually all freshman and sophomore students must pass through. It's basically a bunch of classes on all sorts of interdisciplinary topics, and my understanding is they're always looking for new profs (with PhD's) to teach random classes. I'm not sure if you'd get the PSU benefits in this position, but if so, they're numerous.

    If you're interested in this option, let me know and I will try to hook you up with some of the insider folks!

    I can teach anything related to music history or 18th and 19th century European history, sort of! Not, like, battles or whatever. But, like, "ROMANTICISM" or whatever, I'm your man!!!!!!!! 19th century European Literature and Music! Or Rock N' Roll. Or like, "Music and Gender." Anyway I can send a CV.

    I have letters! I have anything they want to see! I have teaching portfolio!
  • Cool, cool! I have a class with the University Studies peeps on Friday. I will ask about the proper protocol for submitting CV's, etc. I think "music and gender" sounds right up their alley.

  • that's just one suggestion! I have tons! GIMME A SHOT!

    thank you so much for this, it's nice of you. Let me know if you need anything from me!
  • Sorry it took me so long, here's a link to more info about the University Studies teaching option:

    I guess I don't really know too many insider folk, but if/when you submit an application, let me know and I'll do my best to tell them how brilliant you are.

    Good luck!
  • yes! thank you!
    I was literally just coming here to message you about this. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey lady
    I just sent in my application and everything. By email, so they should be there by now. If you have any insiders to speak to, you may now do so at your leisure! I would really appreciate it.

    I just listed all the related courses I am qualified to teach.....I hope they need one of them taught. I am honestly a good teacher and I believe I am a decent colleague! I will clean the coffee pot! Tell them I'm desperate. Wait don't tell them that.

    Anyway, regardless, thanks so much for clueing me into this opportunity. It would be so awesome if it worked out.

  • I will mention your name to the only-somewhat-insidey person I know in the program!!! Good luck!
  • tell them "you think" I won a Macarthur grant
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