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edited October 2010
I'M GLAD someone is having this discussionfinally.
what is UP with all the honking lately?
has it gotten worse? IN the cities?
Im glad I found this chat room. I have been feeling like someone needs to speak up about the increase in the unecessary honking in our cities. drivers forget that people have to live there too.
fortunatly not me
but when I visit my sister it is almost impossible to sleep because of the urban noise.
it seems like it's worse then it use to be.
what do u think?


  • I say...... get some EARPLUGS !!!!!!!
  • Maybe people are honking at your sister????? Have you tried sleeping in her home when she's not there?
  • t.p.m._69_k,

    Sometimes honking can be positive or playful? Did you every think of that? Maybe try thinking of that next time the honks are happening at night.

    Sometimes I honk "just for fun."
  • 69, it is even worse when you are a cyclist in the urban environment because you automatically assume that all of the honking is directed at you. Whenever I hear a horn, it "raises my heckles", even if it's not at me.

    Is a town of 17,000 considered urban? Is there honking in places of those sizes, too?
  • In Iowa I assume all honks are going to be followed by the word "faggot" and/or something about my tits and/or "go hawkeyes," all of which make me wish I weren't such a panty-waisted liberal so I could get out my GODDAMN SHOTGUN
  • um Leland, you CAN be a liberal and have a shotgun...grandma with braids sitting on porch for bonus points.
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  • My dad honked at Joey Lawrence once.
  • honk if you like wet food
  • GROWLY!!!!!!!!!
  • edited October 2010
    I like to honk when a honk is what is called for. I hate being held honkless in a car with someone who doesn't know or who is incapable of honking. I do think honking is on the rise, but I'm not sure that is a bad thing. I think cell phone use has made honking more necessary.
  • In the South you just honk when you see someone you know. The most I can muster if someone's slow at a light is a sharp tap.
  • You know where there is a lot of honking. LOS ANGELES.

    Those people honk! They honk at the drop of a hat.

    They honk angrily when they are doing things like veering crazily across four lanes of traffic and they want to go between you and the car in front of you and they're pissed that you are there.

    it is awesome, obviously
  • Its the hustle and busle of the city that drives me nuts.
    I mean,
    whose got somewhere to go so bad? You know!
    wheres the fire!

    If you need to honk so bad maybe its time to take a chillpill.

  • edited October 2010
    But if somebody wants to talk about somebody's butt (I'm sure that's what they are talking about) why don't they get out of the car or park instead of hogging the entire green light cycle to chicken out of turning left?

    If it's me, they got a TOOT!
  • I was just in the craphole called New York and the first night the honking was so bad I could not sleep. Had to get moved to a higher room so that the honks were not as loud.

  • I generally am anti-honking.

    A thing I really hate is when somebody is picking somebody else up for work and so they just pull up outside an honk. REALLY? Is that not what cell phones are for? So rude!

    I do like a novelty "La Cucaracha" honker though. Or "Dixie," if pressed
  • edited October 2010
    Uncle Boat Shoes AKA @Pete_Martell sometimes honks for me when he comes to pick me up from my house and I LIKE IT!
  • @Windom_Earle and @chuck always honk for me when they are picking me up for breakfast or something. I think it's nice! I have to honk for Windom and chuck cause they live up and away from the street and I always wish I could honk. POSITIVE HONKING. As long as you don't lay on the horn I think it can be so cute.
  • Oh God, Leland reminded me of when I lived back in Rochester. My neighbor would always call cabs, and then the cabs would pull up and honk a lot no matter what time of day or night it was.

    One time, at a pretty unreasonable hour, it happened and woke me up out of my sleep, and I fucking tore down the stairs and went right up to the cab and asked the cabbie what time it was. He looked at his watch and told me, and I was like "Do you think a lot of people might be sleeping right now? People like me? THINK ABOUT IT." and he was really dumbstruck.

    Man, that used to piss me off so much.
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