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edited May 2011
What do you guys think of skillshare? It seems pretty great to me, and I'm thinking of applying/volunteering to be a Portland ambassador (even though I'm not a techy start-up person, so they probably won't want me). But the fee they collect (25% of each ticket purchase) seems weirdly high to me. What do you think?

I'm also curious to know your thoughts, in general, because urho is kind of its own skillshare community (and we've got others throughout town). Is a nationwide skillshare thing necessary/cool?


  • Seems like it could be a members message area on UH. Otherwise it becomes generic like But you should definitely apply, get stock options and become fabulously rich when they are bought by Face-Goo-Soft.

    There is a new project opening up ADX - that will have maker-type classes. They want people to propose classes with the fee split between the space and the instructor.
  • marcus and i have started doing something like this where we are trading final cut pro lessons for basic internet/web design know how. we are rocking it so far, which reminds me that i have homework to do...
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