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Just Lost A Lot Of Money Playing Poker

edited October 2010

Why am i so bad at poker

Need Zin here with me to give me hot tips


  • Hi Leland Bob,
    on line
    or at a casino?

    there are some pretty good online poker games my son is in to
    but I cant remember the names
    I'll ask him and get back to you
    maybe playing on line would be good to practice your moves!

    im sorry about your loss.
    "this will pass too"
  • I told you to go all-in!!

    Here's a tip that I try to keep in mind when I am playing poker.

    When you bet, figure out the reason you're doing it. Have a reason!

    1. Are you doing it because you think you have the best hand and you want people to call so there is more money in the pot when you win? (This is called a "value bet.")
    2. Are you doing it because you think the other player (or players) is weak and will fold, and you win the pot right there? (If your hand is weak, this is called a "bluff.")
    3. Are you doing it because you don't know if you have the best hand and you want to get information?

    There are a few others, but those are the main reasons to bet. Once you have that figured out, use the same exact idea to guess why your opponent is betting.

    Anyway, it seems like a simple thing, but useful to keep in the front of your brain.

    Sorry about the $6.
  • Actually it was $7.50!

    Can you believe that???

    These are good tips but I have various problems, mostly math-related and memory-related, that make even your tips sort of impossible for me. When you've been playing poker for like 13 years and are still at the level of "wait, what's a full house again?" it's just probably not going to go well for you regardless.

    I was just remembering on tour in Vegas when you (you're Zin right??) had your nose in that poker book and then you disappeared for 3 hours and came back with $200 and we were all totally fucking amazed.
  • I mostly lose money too. Although last time we played at twinpeaksman_69_kool's house I did pretty well. Started with $1 got up to $6.50 cashed out with $4. Hold 'em.
  • I, too, was amazed. I was so nervous! I had never played poker in a casino before. I was dealt a pair of aces (the best possible cards to start with) on my FIRST HAND. Lady Luck was at my side that night.


  • omg
    i just googled "i got the nuts"
    first hit:
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