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edited May 2011
So the past month and a half I have been busting my butt putting together my first portfolio. I'm still sort of a novice at design and portfolio making, and I know some people around here are into this sort of thing. This is a big deal for me because it is for this school portfolio review and if I don't pass I pretty much am done with school for at least a year, and it would be a big setback. I have to put together 8 pieces. The teachers are keeping in mind that we are all only second year design students, but our stuff still needs to be solid. I am getting there with a lot of my pieces, but I am looking for, and open to any ideas for improvement. So I'm trying to get my stuff seen by as many people as possible to see if there any things I have not considered, and was hoping some of you would want to give me a little honest crit, and maybe some ideas about what to print these things on and what practical things I could make them into i.e. postcards, web ads, magazine spreads, packaging, etc.

So here are a few things that I'm working on

18x24 WPA poster:


Radiolab Illustrations for podcast on face blindness:


Tea labels (Revisions on left, How it would sit on the bag on the right):


also I am putting stuff up on Flickr as I go, and I know a lot of you are flickr friends with me so feel free to pipe in there too.


  • The typography at the top of that first one doesn't match the quality of the rest of your work. I'd work a lot more on that piece or pick something else.
  • edited May 2011
    I for sure was having a tough time with that type on the top half. My teachers have generally told me that I should put this one in though because the color palette and concept are great. Also, they have suggested (for the purposes of this review) that we put a piece in that may not be the best in all areas but is a personal favorite, and this one definitely fits the bill. That sucker is going up on my wall after this is done because it looks fucking ridiculous in all the ways that I love. That being said if you have any ideas for how to deal with the type I am definitely open to them.
  • I think that gradient is the harshest element there. However, if your teachers have said they like it, and your teachers are the ones grading this portfolio, definitely keep it!
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