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stand up desk

edited May 2011
guys, i am writing this from my new stand-up-desk set up. it's the cool new thing down here at the boathouse.

has anyone done this? i am only 30 minutes in and my feet are already killing me! i do think this will help me cut down on my needless internet wandering, but not sure how it will work out the next time a big project lands on me.


  • From what I hear it takes a little while to acclimate. But eventually your feet won't hurt. I've thought about doing this too! I'm interested in how it works out for you.
  • Friend of mine recently switched. He seems excited about it. I've known others who stuck with it.

    I love to recline.

    They say even if you go to the gym and try to stay fit, sitting for many hours a day will kill you in the end.

    Not sure if I care yet. Check back with me in 10.
  • Big Maccy can you tell me where you got this desk?
    Gary has been searching and searching for one but all we can find are, like, draftsman tables that cost a million dollars.
  • p.s. I switched for awhile to full-time yoga-ball instead of desk chair and I bet this is similar. For like a week it was excruciating for my back but then I got in and then suddenly all my back pain, including the pains I'd been having that had led to me getting the ball in the first place, DISAPPEARED
  • Curt is doing this... I bet he'll chime in soon...
  • my "stand up desk" is actually an old drafting table placed on cinder blocks.

    so far so good, but today will be the first real day. so far i am missing my usual cup of coffee and bowl of cereal while i read the nytimes online, but i am feeling more motivated to actually start working and not just read the internet all day.

    i'll report back soon!
  • Here's my standup desk! My legs hurrrrrrt.

  • that looks nice!
    what's that wee stool under the desk for?!
  • The IT manager is short
  • I try and stand a lot at work when I'm at the counter.
    Padding underneath your feet/shoes helps a lot!
    I have a thick rubber mat that cuts down on leg hurt.
  • @teenwolf: I read in a few places that you're supposed to put one foot up on a little stool every once in a while, then switch.
  • whoa COOL
    still waiting for Curt to tell me where to buy a fancy one!!!

    Any ideas people? stand up desk stores?

  • In this podcast I listen to they spent a whole episode on it:
    Some of us have jobs!
    Synthesize that information for me right away please
    have it on my desk by 5:00 sharp
  • I know someone who has a desk that goes up and down because of a button
    it's cool
  • presets
  • edited May 2011
    here: Sale Price: $1,059.00

  • jeez louise
    that's not nearly handsome enough to cost so much!
  • i would be interested in something like this
    except i want a trainer/generator/rollers on the bike so i can ride and work.
  • Wow. It's been a while since I've been on UHX, so I'm still getting caught up. My stand up desk is just a side table (IKEA Lack, specifically) on top of a regular desk (no brand).

    I have hardwood floors and find that I can stand longer if I wear shoes (even TOMS slip-ons which barely have a sole (but lots of soul)).

    I've heard about the foot rest thing, but haven't tried it. I think an important part is to have the monitor and eye-level, which is hard with a laptop because it's attached to the keyboard. Also, my table-on-desk setup is just a bit too high. I'm liking it though, and now voluntarily take a spot at the bar area of my local coffee shop so I can stand (if I'm by myself) instead of sitting at a table.
  • My mouse arm hurts every day after work, from my hand to my shoulder.

    Will they hire an ergonomist for me?? But I'm just a **mp!!!
  • you doing yoga?
  • edited May 2011
    Are you kidding me?
    ...I mean, No.
  • Loose, I also used to have problems with my mousing forearm, so I switched to my non-dominant hand. It worked great - I've never had any problems since, *and* it has made me more ambidextrous. Try it!
  • Yeah F! That's what I'm talking about.

    Doing it right now


    OK I'll start doing Yoga.
    thank you
  • I mouse with my right hand and I'm left handed! Have never had any mouse-related pain. Makes more sense to have my dominant hand on the keyboard too, perhaps?
  • What is mousing?
  • A favorite sport of =^o_o^=
  • yoga helped a lot with my shoulders, which were always really sore from slouching over my computer. a common thread among all of the foxy older ladies I have known is yoga, so I believe in its magic.

    my yoga teacher just told me tonight that if you do planks with tented fingers it can strengthen your wrists.
  • planking with tented fingers?
  • Like being in push up position, but instead of having flat hands, you're up on your fingertips.
  • i have tried mousing south paw and it completely messes me up. it's like my entire world shifts into some backwards confusion...
  • Is planking a sandwich?
  • watch for bump
  • My recommendation when switching mouse hands is that you NOT change the buttons to the left-handed mouse button configuration. That way you can still easily use your right hand if you want. And I've never found that it's "inefficient."
  • I totally switched to left-hand mousing and it helped A LOT. No longer the arm pain waking me up at night. I got used to the leftie mousing in about two days, I would say.

    Yoga has also helped with a lot of my shoulder/neck computer-related pain. I know everyone always tells you to do yoga when anything's wrong with you, but it really is just true, like 80% of the time at least. I resisted for years, then finally went, and within a month like 3 different chronic problems disappeared completely. It's boss.

  • yes, I totally did what Freddy said. Did not change the buttons.

    Now I mouse just as fast with left hand as I do with right hand, and switching back to right hand is not hard at all.
  • I switched since yesterday and now my left shoulder hurts.

    G--D---it, yoga.
  • I'm trying to mouse with my left hand today and it's messing up my brain. Every action, not just mousing, is very deliberate now -- like I have to fight years of muscle memory, even though most things should be the same, like typing. Why is it weird to type? My keyboard is the same and I use the same fingers on the same keys, but it feels so different somehow. Not bad. Just different.
  • edited June 2011
    I have the new Apple wireless setup, little flat keyboard and weird little flat mouse
    the other day I momentarily couldn't remember how to use either
    and I started "mousing" the keyboard, and when that didn't work
    I "moused" the table with my hand, where the trackpad of my laptop was.

    they should call a keyboard a "cat"
    because it is a catalog of glyphs
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